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4 Part Webinar Series- Manifesting with the 12 Universal Laws – 

The 12 Universal Laws of Creation 4 part Webinar will teach you how to manifest your goals using the Higher Laws, the 4 Laws beyond the Law of Attraction!  A 4 part webinar including 8 hours of instruction with Power Point slides and mp3 audio. Class Handouts (suggestions and applications) and 1 audio mp3 Triple Heart Meditation.

Class 1: The 4 Sensing Laws that lead to an Expansion of consciousness: Resonance, Vibration, Rhythm and Expansion

Class 2: The Thinking Laws that lead to a Transmutation of Consciousness: Correspondence, Polarity, Attraction and Transmutation

Class 3: The Feeling Laws that lead to a Confluence of highest outcome: Reciprocity, Abundance, Confluence and Assumption

Class 4: Putting the 12 Laws into application to manifest your highest outcome! Creating a Master Plan, Tools for success (the 4 A's), roadblocks and how to navigate around them, examples of success and surprise outcomes! And a quantum physics explanation that will help you understand exactly why and how the highest law #12 works.

The first 3 classes (2 hours/each) will consist of an explanation of 4 laws, how they work, how working with them will benefit you, and what you can do to become more conscious and interactive with these laws. The primary focus will be on  the “Shift Law” in each group, because this propels you into working with higher laws more effectively. The final class will review your progress since the beginning of the series and will help you outline a Master Plan. Including tools for success and how to recognize and navigate around roadblocks.


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3 Guided Meditations by Ronna on the Triple Heart Healing Technique – 

Experience 3 Guided Meditations on Ronna’s Triple Heart Healing Technique. Ronna leads you through 3 meditations to free your heart: Meditation #1: Moving Confusion to Assuredness; Meditation #2: Moving Resentment to Forgiveness; Meditation #3 – Moving Regret and Sadness to Acceptance and Peace. Dive in, Tune into your hearts and Lighten up to heart-healing freedom! Includes a PDF guide with the triple heart healing process chart.

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Triple Heart Healing Technique Webinar – 

Triple Heart Healing Technique Webinar includes two PDFs and audio download of the THHT meditation. 

After you register, YOU WILL RECEIVE an email with links to the presentation and the class handouts. Topics covered:

The Triple Heart structure: Biology, energetics and moving stuck emotions through the hidden hearts

The 12 Chromatic Chakras – the missing link: the 5 Aquarian chakras for healing and balance

The latest quantum physics Theory and what it means for us as human beings

The Triple Heart Healing Technique: what it is, how to do it, and what to expect

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All 6 Triple Heart Healing Sound Tracks – 

All Triple heart healing music – 3 original songs by Elio and 3 guided meditations led by Ronna. With this 6 track audio package you may guide yourself through the triple heart, and also follow Ronna’s guided mediation in order to anchor in the triple heart healing technique created by Ronna Prince. Ronna is the visionary and  filmmaker of Sacred Journey of the Heart, as well as a Heart-Based Success Coach, HeartMath trainer and Radical Forgiveness Coach. Dive In, Tune in and Lighten your hearts for freedom and peace!

Includes a PDF guide with the triple heart healing process chart.

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Triple Heart Healing Music by Elio – 

3 Original heart healing songs composed by Elio: Letting Go (Low Heart), Forgiveness (Middle Heart), Willingness (High Heart).  Listen to these 3 pieces composed with 528 Hz frequencies to open your heart and heal. Guide yourself through the triple heart healing technique to free yourself from difficult emotions and expand into peace!

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Radical Forgiveness Coaching - 6 hours individual session – 

Experience the power of Radical Forgiveness, aka, "Making Room for Miracles", with certified RF coach Ronna Prince.  If you are serious about making lasting change and no longer being a victim, then this powerful, transformative process is for you! This special offer includes 3, two-hour coaching sessions for a total of 6 hours. Normal cost for 6 hours of personal coaching with Ronna is $750 - SPECIAL PRICE NOW - only $650 for 6 hours of personal coaching, email support, homework instruction and support and the RF Book by Colin Tipping. If you are ready to truly shift into empowered living, let Ronna guide you through the process to create lasting change.

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Journey to Heart Intelligence - a 4 week personal coaching program – 

Personal coaching program with Ronna Prince, a certified HeartMath coach.  Program consists of 4, one-hour sessions with Ronna by phone or Skype, homework instruction and review and the Voyage workbook from HeartMath.  Voyage to Heart Intelligence for personal development:

  • Discover what’s at the heart of who you are and what you want most in your life.
  • Identify what blocks you from the life you want—your personal dreams, mission and goals.
  • Uncover and disengage from the negative impact stress has on your body and mind.
  • Improve your mental capacity and solve problems more effectively.
  • Enhance your relationships and reduce the stress that results from miscommunication.
  • Bring more creativity and out of the box thinking to your plans and projects.
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Soul Codes Session 1.5 hrs – 

December 1-14, 2019 ONLY SAVE $50!! This is Ronna’s signature session and one of the best ways to be introduced to her unique brand of intuitive, spiritual coaching.

In this session (in person, by phone or by Skype), we will explore a unique message from your higher self. After a short guided meditation, you will provide Ronna with a series of numbers - these numbers are not at all random, they come directly from your own soul. This CODE communicates exactly what it is your soul would like you to understand and to do. This is a process that you simply must experience! It is life-changing and profound. The most common word Ronna hears when she completes your soul code session is WOW! In this session, you may experience emotional healing, spiritual clearing and healing as well as a deep understanding of why you have had challenges and why certain themes in your life tend to repeat. Often this session includes past-life awareness and healing, freeing you to create your life based on today, not the past!

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NEW! FC Coaching Package - 3 sessions – 

Explore your Family Constellation to uncover the root cause of relationship challenges, work issues, or physical symptoms. 3 sessions, a total of 6 hours of coaching, plus 1 hour for me to craft personalized homework.  Examine themes in your life from a totally new perspective and learn how to heal from entanglements, hidden loyalties and unconsciously living out the stories buried deep in your heritage.  Offered at a 20% discount from my regular rates. Don't wait! Dive in to explore the specific, easy-to-apply processes that will free you from hidden loyalties, family entanglements and the unresolved traumas in your family system.

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Sacred Journey of the Heart DVD – 

Order Now in USA!  And Now Available Internationally in NTSC format (see below for international ordering, including Canada) 

Purchase the DVD for only $9.99, while supplies last.

Join us on a sacred journey of the heart with this 88 minute international-award winning film.

Have you ever started on a journey to a specific destination only to end up somewhere completely different? As writer-producer Ronna Prince began filming, she had no intention of sharing her long buried secrets. But by courageously revealing her past, the film evolved into a compelling documentary about healing, forgiveness and transformation. More than just a compilation of facts, this film contains step-by-step suggestions on how to live fully in the heart. Ronna brings together a stellar cast of leading scientists, teachers and indigenous elders from around the world to present the primary message of the film: We are all connected through the human heart. The heart truly creates a unified field among people AND connects us with the harmonic field of earth itself.

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Sacred Journey of the Heart Theme Song – 

Theme Song for the film, Sacred Journey of the Heart.

Click here to download lyrics....

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