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We invite you to assist Global Wholeness to bring our life changing documentary film “Sacred Journey of the Heart” to even more viewers worldwide and break ground on the many wonderful projects we have planned to bring honor, memorialize and heal communities in need.

We are asking you to fill your heart and ours with a contribution of any amount because we believe each heart should be counted, no matter the size! 

Your donation allows the paradigm shift of conscious and heart based living presented within the film to become a reality.

Your donation will enable the team to deliver the film’s take away message and lessons to others and the team will be able to show this film to even more communities, religious and spiritual places of worship worldwide.

You’re invited to become a key part of this sacred family of supporters and begin Your Own Heart Journey by promoting a heart-based lifestyle and investing in Global Wholeness’ vision and mission. 

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A Special Thank You from Ronna Prince:

“The film Sacred Journey of the Heart was sponsored and paid for by individual contributions from people like you! It took  a village to create the film. It also required the personal financial support of both producers Ronna Prince and Dr. Donald Backstrom. While the film is part of the non-profit, Global Wholeness, this does not mean that producing the film was cost-free. To realize our vision of supporting important heart-based projects, we are still in need of contributions, both large and small, from you and your organizations. Please consider a tax-free donation of any amount to help us continue to spread the vision and mission of the film and of Global Wholeness. Thank You!” – Ronna

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