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Galactic Astrology: Deep Dive into Multi-Galactic Journeys – 

Deep Dive: Explore My Multi-Galactic Journeys. In this 120 minute session we will explore your deepest Soul Origin roots, your passion, purpose and the steps to activate your Full Galactic Mission Possible. This session concludes with a channeling from the Quantum Masters and activates the “Freedom to Move” into a new pathway. Also included is your full galactic chart (only available through Certified Galactic Astrologers) as well as images of your starseed energy.

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Soul Codes Session 1.5 hrs – 

This is Ronna’s signature session and one of the best ways to be introduced to her unique brand of intuitive, spiritual coaching.

In this session (in person, by phone or by Zoom Link), we will explore a unique message from your higher self. After a short guided meditation, you will provide Ronna with a series of numbers - these numbers are not at all random, they come directly from your own soul. This CODE communicates exactly what it is your soul would like you to understand and to do. This is a process that you simply must experience! It is life-changing and profound. The most common word Ronna hears when she completes your soul code session is WOW! In this session, you may experience emotional healing, spiritual clearing and healing as well as a deep understanding of why you have had challenges and why certain themes in your life tend to repeat. Often this session includes past-life awareness and healing, freeing you to create your life based on today, not the past!

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Galactic Astrology: Overview of your Starseend History – 

In this 75 minute session, we will embark on a Soul Journey from your ancient galactic origins, to your mid-range soul experience – including possible incarnations in Lemuria and Atlantis, and recent star history. Connect to your Starseed family as you “truly see clearly” your gifts and identify and shift the blocks to your Full Soul Expression.Session includes your full Galacitc Astrology Chart and Starseed images.

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Expanded Personal Numerology Report – 

Receive your personalized numerology report based on the methodology of Hans DeCoz! In this 80-100 page report you will receive a deep understanding of your birth name, birth date and current name you use. You will also receive tons of information about your karmic lessons, hidden passion, transits, and numerololgy themes for every month and day of the current year. An invaluable resource for understanding who you are through the system of number, vibration and resonance! Includes FREE PDF on basic meaning of numbers, double and triple master #s and secret "111" activation phrases!

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Aura-Soma Numerology Added to Expanded Report – 

This specialized personal numerology report ADDS the beauty of Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles to your key #s in your chart, including your full birth name - (not just a single digit -but the entire name!), birthdate, and Current name you use.  This report is beautiful to look at while you read. It includes all the information on the Expanded numerology report based on Hans DeCoz methodology, a 80-100 page report including personal # themes and guidance for every month and day of the current year! This report combines regular numerology in "expanded report offering above" - PLUS deep soul connections to the beautiful system of Aura-Soma. Includes FREE PDF on basic meaning of numbers, double and triple master #s and secret "111" activation phrases!

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Galactic Astrology: Intro to My Galactic Destiny – 

  In this 45 minute intro session we will tune into your Destiny Chart discovering: Soul's intention in this incarnation, what you came here to heal, to transcend and to contribute. Your "Nodes of Fate", Vertex, Part of Fortune and Asteroids Chiron and Lilith to create a clear picture of where you are headed in your soul healing journey. Includes your full Galactic Astrology chart (only available through Certified Galactic Astrologers)

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Monthly Fee for 2024 Modern Mastery Group Program – 


Monthly fee recurring for 2024 Modern Mastery program. Join anytime! Event is recorded and rebroadcast. Channelings from the Quantum Masters and Archangels on topics ranging from Soul Purpose, Quantum Energy Balancing with the 12 chakra system - unlocking your 5 Aquaria chakras, Activations of your galactic "mission possible" and more! Program includes a monthly channeled message on the third Thursday of the month and a group Zoom call to go deeper with the material on the following Wednesday.  Includes full color annotated transcriptions and illustrations. 2024 Program begins 2-22-2024. 

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2023/2023 Special Series The Galactic Paradigm Shift – 

Special Series Year End 2023/New Year 2024. A 4 part series channeled by the Galactic Master Teachers providing insights on how we can bring through our own Highest Positive Potential to be the ACTIVE movers in ushering into earth the New Paradigm of The Covenants: Unity-Peace-Love to earth. Intro to the series was on 12-12-2023 - offered free - email me to receive! Remainder of series will consist of 3 channeled audios on 12-31-2023; 1-11-2024 and 1-20-2024. On January 20, 2024, Pluto enters Aquarius. With this series you will receive your astrololgy chart for 1-20-2024 which will include your personal KEY fixed galactic alignments and what they mean to you. There will also a a BONUS "surprise" short channeled message. Join me for this momentus entry into our collective Mission Possble! Smile

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Sacred Journey of the Heart DVD – 

No longer available in DVD format.  Watch the film online! password journey

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Sacred Journey of the Heart Theme Song – 

Theme Song for the film, Sacred Journey of the Heart.

Click here to download lyrics....

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2024 Modern Mastery Group Program Annual Membership – 

Pay in full for 11 month, 11 class Advanced Modern Mastery Program and save $33. Beginning 21 February 2024, and monthly on 3rd Wednesday of every month March-December, receive a channeled message at 3 pmCentral Time USA.Join the worldwide group on Zoom to activate the message of the month and ASK questions of the Quantum Masters Ronna channels. If your cannot attend in person - all sessions are recorded for you to watch later.  Incudes annotated and beautifully illustrated transcripts. Annual participants receive 8.8% discount on all personal sessions and Aura-Soma Products (in stock only). Plua Personal Astrology charts with Galactic activations on important dates in 2024.

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