Past Sacred Journeys and Testimonials

Please enjoy this sampling of past Sacred Sites trips.

We hope you will feel inspired to join us on a journey or create your own personal journey!

If any of these past Sacred Site trips are of special interest to you or your group, Ronna will be happy to discuss private tour accommodations for you or your group.

Past Journeys Include

The Pyramids and Sacred Sites of Egypt - A Transformational Journey to the Heart of the Sphinx and travelling the timelines to reclaim balance of Love-Wisdom-Power. The trip included a private entry into the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid.

Sacred journey in the Heartland of America - Cahokia Mounds State Historic Park. The trip focused on the numerology theme of 78. This theme equated to the full power the that divine comes to earth to help humanity. Cahokia Heart-Home Theme also equates to the number 78, which represented a “Crown Rescue of Aura-Soma” Color.

Sacred Journey of the Heart - A Transformational Journey to the Lodestar of your Soul in Glastonbury, England, UK and surrounding Sacred Sites.  This trip included a private entry into Stonehenge.

Maya-land, Mexico - A Transformational Journey to The Heart of Love-Wisdom. Participants entered into the temples of Teotihuacan and Palenque, Mexico and many more sacred Mayan sites. 

PERU! A Centennial Celebration - Patchakuti “Return of the Light”,  A Sacred Journey to the Heart of Wholeness with famous Author and Shaman, Jorge Luis Degado. Whild on this trip the Sacred sites of Peru, including Machu Picchu and many more were explored. One of the themes to this trip was “Open your heart and learn to fly!”

Sedona, AZ – A Three-Day Retreat.  This is a workshop and experiential that includes hiking in the sacred landscape of Sedona’s power vortexes. The trip focused on the Spiritual Alignment, Attunement and Atonement

Listen to what people are saying!  

Testimonials Include

"Here it is, a month after my nine-day program, Sacred Journey of the Heart with Ronna and Donald, and I am still reflecting on what I have learned. Ronna and Donald have a natural gift of providing practical and sacred information to help each individual along their path of self discovery.  This trip combined written information, lectures, sacred site tours and heart-based information that helped each participant look deeper within and connect with their personal Wisdom, Love and Power. I can still feel the energy of the sacred sites we toured and my personal Stonehenge energy exchange. Thank You, Ronna and Donald, for providing these life-changing journeys."

- Ralph, Mason City, IA

"Every day on the trip was perfectly planned. We had exactly what we needed on the journey. A journey of healing requires courage to see your shadow side and release it with honesty and non-judgment.  On this trip of healing my heart, I realized my pain was not about others loving me, but about me not loving myself. This hit home in a way I’ve never felt it before. It’s a deep core issue that surfaced completely on this trip. Everything exceeded my expectations. I can’t say enough about Ronna and Donald, they are amazing! They created a container of safety and compassion from their desire for healing themselves and others. Everyone was held beautifully. They have a real purity of intention of people healing themselves and the planet."

- Audrey W, Chicago, IL

"Since the trip to the UK I am trusting myself more. I’ve been letting go of doubt and second guessing and this trip allowed me to surrender another level of that. I have real clarity I’m on my path and in alignment with my soul. I can navigate now, so I don’t have the same fears and concerns I used to. I feel I have more of who I am than I’ve ever had; substantively more than before the trip. It feels fabulous! Having extended time in a powerful group setting in these very sacred sites really amped it up for me. Every time I attend a retreat with Ronna and Donald, I experience quantum leaps. I know I get exponential payback from their retreats."

- Susan B, Atlanta, GA

"A trip with Ronna and Donald always offers a blend of spiritual intrigue, mystery and adventure!  While we move through numerous areas as a group, the experience always becomes deeply personal. I appreciate how they prepare us for making a shift in how to experience the sites we visit. They build in time to reflect on the meaningfulness of each place while exploring it, and time to insulate ourselves enough to feel its energy and our connection to the space. The trip to Glastonbury offered extraordinary opportunities to experience the world in a different way. I’ve visited many of these sites as a “regular” tourist and enjoyed the superficial beauty, hiking, and dining experiences.  But these Sacred Journeys bring about a profound connection with the natural and spiritual worlds, sensitizing me to the wind, the rain, the earth under my feet, and raising my hopes to encounter beings of the angelic and devic realms that Ronna and Donald perceive so easily."

- Patti K, Illinois

"The trip was amazing. We accomplished a lot, and got to see a ton of sites. I really enjoyed the workshop time and being at the Chalice Well. Having private time at the Well Gardens to relax after lectures was great. Donald and Ronna are excellent teachers and complement each other well.  A great group of people came together for this trip, and I enjoyed being with them."

- Robert G, Austin, TX