Sacred Journey of the Heart – Review by Randall Libero

“Sacred Journey of the Heart” is an extraordinary and visionary film which speaks to the timeless message of mastering the human experience through the heart. It’s rare that a movie comes along that not only indicates a choice point in the conversation of the day, but one that embodies a moment of profound transformation in human history.

It’s also a movie that represents this new era of what I call ‘visionary entertainment’; movies that allow us to experience an expanded sense of self and, in addition, herald a time of great human spiritual evolution. We are more commonly seeing films from independent producers and Hollywood that are more than a trivial entertainment experience and actually engage us in a process of self reflection.

As a documentary film, “Sacred Journey” has a fresh and innovate approach and artistic flair for a film consisting mostly of on screen interviews. It very cleverly sets the stage with “The Heart” as the central ‘character’ of its cinematic story. It’s also filled with beautiful and inventive images that enhance the ideas and themes spoken of by its on-screen luminary personalities, keeping its narrative engaging and enjoyable. The film’s theme of spiritual evolution is also reflected dramatically through the stories of several individuals and even the filmmakers themselves, giving it a pure and authentic feel and that much more powerful.

Most importantly, the film speaks to a shift from the scientific and technological era of the past few hundred years (a head centered worldview) towards an emerging new paradigm of enlightened awareness (a heart centered worldview). The elders of native traditions seen in the film remind us that the Universe speaks to us through the heart and the energetic connection we share as human beings unites us and brings healing to our lives. Today’s leading voices of transformational change show that same message spoken, of by our ancestors, has come full circle in new discoveries in the fields of human potential, quantum physics, and energy medicine technologies.

Producer Ronna Prince summed up the film in my radio interview with her in January 2011 by saying, “it’s about different ways and tools to encourage people to move into this new paradigm, that we can actually start living from the heart, living with this connection to conscious love – which is really a choice to be caring and nurturing, a choice to send peace into situations rather than to stir them up with more fear. It’s about educating people about being in the energies of gratitude and appreciation of the heart, which then allows our biology to function much more effectively.”

Lastly, I have been personally, deeply touched by the film. It has reminded me of how vitally important it is that I have a great capacity for giving and receiving love in my own life. When I think about how we can all create a brighter future, the wise and loving message of “Sacred Journey of the Heart” is one that we can personally embrace and share with our children and together courageously establish the Golden Age we all know is possible.