FAQ for Hosting A Screening of: Sacred Journey of the Heart


Are you interested in hosting a screening, but not sure where to start? Well, look no further! We have compiled and answered the most common questions for you below.

Who can host a screening of Sacred Journey of the Heart?

Anyone who has enough people, a venue and the proper equipment can host a screening. We have seen yoga centers, churches, community centers, schools, special interest organizations, and individuals host screenings.

When can I host a screening of Sacred Journey of the Heart?

You can host a screening at any time. We do ask that you sign-up at least 3 weeks prior to your desired screening date in order for our team to ship you the DVD and for you to test the DVD on your screening equipment at least 6 days prior to your screening.

What are the benefits of hosting a screening of Sacred Journey of the Heart?

There are lots of benefits to hosting a screening beginning with getting the message out about how to truly begin living from your heart every day. The screening can be used as a fundraiser since you are allowed to charge admission (suggested price $10 - $15). It is an excellent way to bring friends together for an afternoon/evening of “conscious entertainment.”
You are helping to shift not only your personal energy but that of the planet’s as well.

Can I host a screening anywhere in the world?

While we would love for everyone to share Sacred Journey of the Heart with your communities unfortunately, at this time, we can only allow screenings in the US and Canada. We are working to extend this opportunity to other countries so please check back here for updates.

How much does it cost to host a screening of Sacred Journey of the Heart?

The site licensing fees vary depending on the estimated size of your audience. Please review the licensing options below:

  • For a screening of up to 9 attendees - $60
  • For a screening of 10-24 attendees - $150
  • For a screening of 25-49 attendees - $250
  • For a screening of 50-74 attendees - $350
  • For a screening of 75-99 attendees - $500
  • For a screening of 100-199 attendees - $750
  • For a screening of 200 or more attendees - $1,000

Why do I have to pay?

While we would like to spread the message of Sacred Journey of the Heart for free, movies are expensive to produce, edit and distribute. We have tried to make these fees as low as possible in hopes that everyone who wishes to share the movie with their community may do so.

What if I don’t know how many people will show up?

Determine a rough estimate based on the capacity of your venue and previous events. For example, if your venue can seat 200 people, choose the screening for 100 to 199 attendees.

What do I need to host a screening?

You will need a venue large enough to comfortably seat the number of people you are expecting to attend, a good DVD player and either a very large screen TV (for small groups) or a large screen and projector.

Once I’ve signed up to host a screening, may I show the film again?

Your site screening license allows you to show the movie up to three times over a 10 day period. If you are planning on having more than three screenings, please contact us at .and we will work something out with you.

Are there any resources available to help me with my screening?

Yes. Once you purchase your site screening license, you will be sent an email with a link to a resources page. There you will find a sample poster (which you can edit for your event), a sample press release, facebook and twitter suggestions, and more. These resources are intended to help you have a very successful screening

Once I’ve signed up to host a screening, can I change the date or location of my screening?

Yes. If anything about your screening has changed, simply send us an email with the details to .  If your screening is public, we will update your screening on our website to reflect the requested changes.

Is there assistance to help me promote or publicize my screening?

We will list your event on our website (under film events) if you select “public" screening on the sign up form. We also provide you with a poster and press release samples as well as other resources. You are also welcome to use information found on the website’s press page.

 How will I receive my screening DVD of Sacred Journey of the Heart for my screening?

As soon you fill out the screening sign-up form and pay for your screening license, we will ship your DVD within 3 business days. Our shipping rates are as follows:
United States: $15.50
Canada: $30.00