February, 2016

By Ronna Prince, Numerologist, Aura-soma practitioner and “Master Soul Decoder”  
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Today is Leap Day! Is it just an “extra” day in the calendar every 4 years, or is there something special that we can take advantage it? Below I offer 3 questions and a simple activity you can play with over the next 48 hours (and all Leap Year!) to really move your projects and goals to a higher level.

a leap year

If you’ve read my articles regularly, you’ll know that I am passionate about numerology.  My 20 years of experience with numbers has led me to agree with the ancient philosopher Pythagoras and modern-day scientist Nikolas Tesla, that numbers are the basic building blocks of our reality.

In a previous article, I outlined the numerology opportunities for the year 2016.  2016 = 2+0+16 = 18 and 1+8 =9.  This year, the vibration of 18/9 and all the variations of 9 are important. Because it’s a 9 year, there is special occurrence that happens on Leap Day in terms of numerology –a Master Number Day Happens twice in a row!

If we look at the Leap Day 2-29-2016 and the day following it, 3-1-2016, we will see something really special:

Leap Day

Leap Day

Both today, Leap Day, and tomorrow, March 1st, are “22” days.  22 in numerology is called the Master Builder, or Master Architect number.

The Master Builder frequency is all about bringing ideas into manifestation.  It represents an evolution of creating something new from the wisdom that we have already gained.  So a Leap Day of “22”, following by another “22” Master Builder Day offers us a very powerful opportunity to initiate IDEAS into ACTION!

When we consciously engage in this activity, it is like opening a big flowing stream of opportunity, rather than letting through just an occasional drip.

a water stream

When we align with the 22:22 frequencies, our intentions have the possibility of quickly manifesting!

Here are the 3 questions and 1 simple language trick that you may want to play with over the next 48 hours and continue throughout the 2016 Leap Year:

1)     What 4 things can I do to make concrete progress towards the realization of a goal or project that is important to me this year?  When you take “concrete action”, the universe responds. And “4” is the number of the concrete, material world.  So, doing 4 things directs energy and opportunities your way.  For example, if you are looking for a new job – make 4 calls, send 4 resumes, and make 4 new connections on LinkedIn or Facebook.

2)     How may I best use my life lessons, or personal wisdom, to navigate more expertly through the changes I am initiating now? In order to do this, of course, you must have a clear sense of what you’ve learned so far in life.  For example, if you have learned how listen to and trust your intuition, you may want to set aside a few minutes every day to listen to your inner voice. Instead of waiting for an urgent situation to develop, continue to cultivate this valuable skill.  Other examples of wisdom that you want to continue to access:  Authenticity, Empowerment, Discernment, Creativity etc…

3)     Initiate activities with the phrase:I can because….” For example, I can plan my next vacation, because I am going to take time off, relax and enjoy.  I can commit to a certification program in my area because I am choosing to deepen my expertise.  When you support yourself with this phrase, you are literally saying, “I CAN Be the Cause”… of creating momentum forward.  I encourage you to try this because as simple as it is, it is very powerful!

4)     How would I feel if my deepest heart’s desire came true in 2016?  Identify the feeling and lock it into your heart.  Remember that your heart is your most powerful organ in terms of the signal that it sends out all the way around you. This is not “woo-woo” but a proven fact. (If you are not yet aware of this, you can get all the scientific details by watching my film, Sacred Journey of the Heart – the science and spirit of our connection.)

2016 is a year of powerful opportunity. The new opportunities are coming at a very accelerated pace, so the more you consciously work with this special time of change, the more rewarding your results will be!

Happy Leap Day!

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