Opening the High Heart of Humanity – June 20, 2020 pre-solar eclipse event

For years, I have been teaching about the integrated system of 12 chromatic charkas – but I now know it was not yet time for the disregarded 5 Aquarian chakras to be fully open and activated. The year 2020 is providing us with very important energetic shifts in order to create a more heart-centered, compassionate world. In invite you to join me to move this energy forward on the personal, local and global levels.

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In my webinars on the 12 chromatic chakra system, I use the analogy that working with only the 7 traditional chakras is like playing with the white keys on a piano. All the accidentals, or black keys, are left out and harmonics are limited. When we open up, clear and balance the 5 “in-between” Aquarian chakras, it creates the possibility of balancing our energy field in an all new way. I call it “playing with the full symphony of our souls.”

I have realized that there is a timing for opening up disregarded energy centers in our subtle anatomy and the timing is connected to our solar system. On June 21, 2020 there is a very powerful solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer, an initiatory point of the astrology chart, indicating a new beginning. This is the window of opportunity to opening and attuning our high heart chakra – the major chakra center between the throat (blue) and the  heart (green).  The high heart chakra is turquoise and is connected to communicating from the feeling side of our being. Here are some important associations with the high heart chakra – all of which I will discuss in my upcoming webinar:

–        It is related to the thymus organ, which generates T-cells, a very important part of our immune system. We can very easily activate this energy center  (Note each of the 5 Aquarian chakras are connected to an essential immune organ/function.)

–        Why does the thymus, and high heart chakra undergo a procession of “involution” as we age? Meaning – it shrinks!

–        The high heart is the chakra center that relates to “willingness” – the willingness to see things from a new perspective, the willingness to let go of the need to be right – and ultimately, the willingness to see the bigger picture

–        The high heart is part of the “triple heart structure” that we can activate and learn very quickly how to be less reactive, calm and peaceful

–        The high heart engenders clearer, more heart centered communication, something very needed now in the midst of chaos and conflict

On Saturday June 20, 2020 I will be presenting a webinar on opening and activating the high heart chakra, the 8th chromatic chakra in our subtle anatomy. Join me to learn about this amazing chakra center, to explore ways of opening, clearing and balancing it, and how to strengthen the thymus to enhance your immune function.

Space is limited in this webinar, so if you are interested, please sign up soon! I will do my best to provide a rebroadcast, but I can’t guarantee it! To sign up, go back to my newsletter and click on the “Register now” button.


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  • Ann McKirdy-Carson says:

    I am very interested in this webinar I also have another commitment on Saturday afternoon, so I’m hoping to take in the webinar before, leaving the house.
    I’m on Pacific Standard Time

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