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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog article about “no more snakes on the path” and talked about how I realized I was still looking out for rattlesnakes in the early fall this year, even though I no longer live in the desert. The minute I hit “send” on my email, I realized, “I’ll probably start seeing snakes again.”  And can you believe it? The very next day(!)  I was riding my bike on the Illinois Prairie Path and right across the path was a snake! But it was a little cute, thin black snake and my first thought was, “oh, how cute!” And then – “I KNEW it! I just knew I would see a snake as soon as I hit send on that email!”

I screeched to a halt with my brakes so as not to run over it – and then I fumbled around trying to get to my phone for a photo! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Right on the path was a little black gardener snake –  The funny thing is that before I could get to my camera app, it had quickly slithered away into the grass.  I was the one who created the fear this time! (Ok – obviously even a rattlesnake doesn’t, on its own, create fear – it’s our survival response.. but it felt like I was more of a threat to the gardener snake than it was to me!)

black snakeSo I had the opportunity to look at conditioned fear responses or triggers from a different perspective – the aggressor. So the snake is a shadow archetype for me:

jung shadowBeing female and having experienced sexual assault by a family member throughout my childhood and then by a few more perpetrators over my high school and college years, I was used to feeling the part of the victim. But there are always 2 sides to the “dance” and in Family Constellation work, the victims and perpetrators are always entangled. It’s too complex to write about in a short article but there are many constellation books that take on this tough subject.

What I do know simply, is that until I could see myself as BOTH/AND in all relationships of my life, I kept defaulting to the victim role. So by habit, I was always the one who would get bit by the snake, or singled out for a date rape.  But what happens when I decided to strike back? To take an aggressive stance? This is a very complex and delicate topic, one that I hope to cover in a paradigm-shifting way in my next webinar.

This is what family constellation work has done for me: shift my perspective and detached me from conditioned roles of the past. I now have a new awareness about both sides of the relationship dynamic. In attaining this, there are no more dangerous snakes on the path, just snakes – who are doing their best to survive and to carry on life, just as we are, in human form.

I invite you to join me on Thursday at 5 pm Central time to learn some of the perspective altering shifts that can result from Family Constellation work in 1:1 relationships.


In the self-help industry we are taught that if we just think the right thoughts, visualize the right images, and repeat positive affirmations, we can create change in our individual lives. From personal experience, I see this now as a limiting perspective and it relates to “under-understanding”.

change perspectiveWhat is under-understanding? This means that we have a personal understanding, part of which is correct, but this personal level under-estimates the greater whole – the whole that makes the difference between the desire to change and actual capability to change.  

As I said in my last article, you can’t heal something that isn’t yours in the first place!

Two examples:

If your mother was anxious, fearful and ambivalent about being pregnant with you – you will have been “steeped” in the amniotic fluid of this emotion for 9 months – and you will likely have inherited epigenetic markers that “turn on” when your life gets stressful – and then think that your anxiety is all about “you”. But in large part (some say as much as 70%) it is not yours!

If your father had a career dream that he gave up in order to be responsible for his family, you may have inherited his deep frustration, unspoken resentment and longing for something better, and now, you carry the epigenetic markers that are impacting your own level of success when you follow your dream. How? by triggering frustration, resentment and unmet longing in you. And you can’t positive-affirm yourself out of this state of being.

In my next online line event, I will share with you what you CAN do that is easier and far more effective than the processes I describe above – I.e. self-help.

This may seem far-fetched, but recent studies (2020) are showing more and more, that these inherited mental and emotional states are indeed transferred to our offspring. I’m referring to actual markers that epigenetic scientists are locating from parent to child to grandchild that can track to certain emotional/mental conditions like anxiety, depression and hopelessness.

I will refer to these scientific findings in my upcoming event.

Without this greater perspective, the gap between desire and capability can be a deep chasm that takes years to cross.

Mary oliver heart quoteBut with this new understanding, the very thing (emotional/mental state) that has been holding you back for years, can be just a small gap that takes a short time to traverse – into an expanded new reality. And that short step can make a world of difference in our capability to shift out of inherited patterns and habits that keep repeating in our lives, holding us back from our full potential.

If this is of interest to you, I invite you to join me for my online event “Seeing the bigger picture of our family inheritance – Stepping into your full potential” on Saturday, April 17th at 10 am Central Daylight Time.

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Happy Spring holidays to you from my heart! Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover or simply the return of spring, this time of year offers us new possibilities to start afresh, to renew our enthusiasm for life and to plant new seeds of inspiration that will blossom into the gifts that we offer to our friends, family and the world at large.

a spring renewal

But what if there is something that seems to thwart this process? What if our urge to shed old patterns, habits and beliefs loops back into the ‘same-old, same-old’? What if we still feel stuck or blocked or unclear about our path forward?

In my experience, this is a clear indication that you are probably dealing with a systemic cause that prevents the ‘new beginning’ opportunities in springtime from fully blossoming.

What is a systemic cause? It is an event, feeling or belief that is entangled in your family system. This means that on you can’t heal it because doesn’t belong to you. But the “stuckness”, or repetition or heavy emotion feels as if it yours, but it is not! You inherited it from someone in your family system. This why we call it a “system-ic cause.”

You cannot heal what doesn’t belong to you.

Here is an example:

I recently worked with a client to take a deeper look at some persistent frustrations and blocks. In other words, we were on the hunt to uncover her inherited family dynamics.  This means we were doing a family constellation session.  When something persists, despite numerous attempts to heal it, there is no doubt in my mind and in my experience as a family constellation facilitor, that these issues did not start with you!

We looked at her core trauma sentence which was: “There’s something wrong with me.” When we explored her “core language map”, we drilled down to this sentence that lives inside her and drives repeating patterns, relationship disconnects and even lingering symptoms that don’t respond to treatment.  During my 4 years of family constellation training, I’ve learned to uncover this language map which provides a key to transformation.

In general, our core sentences have the potential to link to something that happened to our parents or earlier generations, and was passed on to us through “epigenetic inheritance”. This is the way that trauma and feeling-thinking patterns get passed down through the generations.  (I explain the science behind this in my online events, including some very exciting breakthrough research that was published by Dr. Rachel Yehuda in November 2020).

epigenitic inheritance

This deep core sentence was driving at least 3 issues in her life: 1) lack of entering a new relationship after the death of her husband years ago, 2) lingering physical symptoms, 3) challenges in getting her very innovative work out into the world. Wow! That’s a lot riding on one sentence – but this is common.

When we get to the core driver behind our challenges, we can take a systemic view of the inheritance patterns that we are born into – and from here, with the full cooperation of our family system, we can untangle ourselves from this core trauma that has been repeating in our family for generations.

This entire process occurs at the level of quantum entanglement – and real-time healing happens in the Now, for our entire system.

We now know through developments in quantum physics and quantum consciousness, that we are all connected in the Knowing Field. This means that all information about our family history (the whole), is known by all the parts (the individuals). And when we bring the parts together, with dignity and respect, without blame and judgment, the parts reorganize to a greater wholeness. And things that have been lurking the shadows of the past, emerge into the light of the present, and with love and compassion for everyone in the system, we can finally let go of what was not ours to carry in the first place, and finally, fully heal.

I have seen happen in my own life and family system and in the lives of my clients over the last 4 years. When we get to the still point, the quietness in the moment of recognition and release, everyone in our family going back generations, experiences a shift of consciousness, a greater opening of heart, and a release of thoughts and beliefs that have kept the old story running, sometimes for centuries. This process is what I can a Quantum Leap in Conscious Love.

When this happens, we are no longer bound by an unconscious entanglement to keep doing, feeling and thinking in the same way as our ancestors. Before this quantum leap, we are held unconsciously by stories and experiences that happened before we were born. After, we are truly freed  – and this freedom is obtained with the full blessing and support of our family system. This is what I call, “Healing with Joy.”

We no longer need to muck around in trauma and “who did what to whom,” and engage in long, repetitive processes of talking and trying many different modalities of healing. This is why I know that Family Constellation is truly a Quantum Leap into a new time. Some astrologers say that since December 2020, we are now officially in the Age of Aquarius as signaled by new ideas, innovation and deeper connections. I believe that this is why Family Constellation which offers a Systemic and Somatic healing process is taking the world by storm. The growth in this work is exponential in almost every country in the world.

Back to my client’s example. My client was the first girl in the family and so was her mother. Her mother was born in 1935, during the lead-up to World War II. Her father went off to war in the 1940s. During this time, her mother had an affair, ended up divorcing her father when he came back to the USA and marrying the new man, who did not go to war. As a result of this second marriage, my client’s mother, now about 10 years old, was sent away to live with her maternal grandparents for a time.

We were able to trace this sentence “there’s something wrong with me”, back to her mother, who must have felt this when she was sent away by her own mother, after losing her father who was no longer in the picture, with no real explanation given to her other than whispers about “war”.

This led us back a generation to her grandmother, who by all accounts, in the 1940s did something considered to be immoral by society.  And undoubtedly, her grandmother must have had thoughts and feelings projected on her such as “there’s something wrong with her to do this to her husband.” And undoubtedly, this gave rise to the Grandmother’s own internal thoughts and feelings of “wrongness” based on her behavior and choices.

This feeling and core sentence most likely goes back even further to ancestors one generation back, who immigrated from England to the USA, leaving the Motherland and family members behind.

Then we proceeded to do the real work in a constellation session which is have a Quantum Conversation with her family members, ultimately giving this energy of wrongness back to her mother and grandmother, where they can now completely heal it in the world of the soul.

Again, you cannot heal what does not belong to you. But you CAN shift your perspective and see that you no longer need to carry thoughts and feelings that don’t belong to you. This simple shift frees our energy and allows us to focus on the gifts in the present, vs the unhealed trauma of the past. And this is the beauty of family constellation work.

It leaves us with a much lighter sense of taking responsibility for only what is ours, and leaving the rest with our ancestors.  And our ancestors are very happy to take back what belongs to them. No family member wants to burden their offspring with inherited traumas.

When we bring our entire system into a session, we are honoring first and foremost, the strength, resilience and dignity of our ancestors. The only reason we are standing here today, is because they found a way to live and to pass on life so that we can have our lives now, in a very different time. As we fully embrace this gift, it truly opens us to a time of renewal of hope and new beginnings that for the first time, can fully bloom into our hearts and from here, into the world.

For me, this is the true meaning of Springtime and all the beautiful religious and spiritual traditions that honor the promise of a new beginning.

a new beginning

On 8-26-2020 I presented another webinar on one of the 12 chromatic chakras – the 6th Chakra – the Olive chakra of heart-centered leadership. If you missed it, it is rebroadcasting over this final weekend of August. Here is what I covered:

A few key 2020 numerology themes, including those centering on leadership,

Curing the virus of fear: including – the biology of fear/stress response and why it directly impacts our ability to stay in health or decline into disease, my personal experience with the virus of fear in March 2020 and how I cured myself with the 3-step A-C-T process

1 cartoon FFFThe Olive chakra – its correlation to one of our 12 organ systems, its location at the diaphragm and connection to the liver – and why the liver IS part of our immune system, and the relationship of this chakra to our “antahkarana” bridge (energy anatomy!)

The Vagus nerve – part of our nervous system that we CAN regulate, and how this nerve changes its function right at the diaphragm  and olive chakra center,

Neuro-ception – what it is and how to bring perception or awareness to this typically unconscious activity,

An analogy of the Basement to Penthouse connection of our 12 chromatic chakra system  and why you can’t “live in the penthouse if your basement has a shaky foundation!” – the MAJOR theme of 2020/22 -Master Architect year!

4 story house

Finally, we ended this event with a meditation to open and balance the olive chakra with the rest of the chromatic chakra system and connected our hearts to those in need as well as to the Olive chakra of the earth. Many participants emailed me afterwards to report their experiences during this meditation – and they all had the same theme: heart-opening and a grounded, centered feeling!

If you would like access to the webinar after September 1, 2020, please contact me for event link and password.

Please share your feedback with me at





For years, I have been teaching about the integrated system of 12 chromatic charkas – but I now know it was not yet time for the disregarded 5 Aquarian chakras to be fully open and activated. The year 2020 is providing us with very important energetic shifts in order to create a more heart-centered, compassionate world. In invite you to join me to move this energy forward on the personal, local and global levels.

Chromatic chakra graphicNote: Above image is copyright protected. All Rights reserved © Lisa NocoGraphics 2016

In my webinars on the 12 chromatic chakra system, I use the analogy that working with only the 7 traditional chakras is like playing with the white keys on a piano. All the accidentals, or black keys, are left out and harmonics are limited. When we open up, clear and balance the 5 “in-between” Aquarian chakras, it creates the possibility of balancing our energy field in an all new way. I call it “playing with the full symphony of our souls.”

I have realized that there is a timing for opening up disregarded energy centers in our subtle anatomy and the timing is connected to our solar system. On June 21, 2020 there is a very powerful solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer, an initiatory point of the astrology chart, indicating a new beginning. This is the window of opportunity to opening and attuning our high heart chakra – the major chakra center between the throat (blue) and the  heart (green).  The high heart chakra is turquoise and is connected to communicating from the feeling side of our being. Here are some important associations with the high heart chakra – all of which I will discuss in my upcoming webinar:

–        It is related to the thymus organ, which generates T-cells, a very important part of our immune system. We can very easily activate this energy center  (Note each of the 5 Aquarian chakras are connected to an essential immune organ/function.)

–        Why does the thymus, and high heart chakra undergo a procession of “involution” as we age? Meaning – it shrinks!

–        The high heart is the chakra center that relates to “willingness” – the willingness to see things from a new perspective, the willingness to let go of the need to be right – and ultimately, the willingness to see the bigger picture

–        The high heart is part of the “triple heart structure” that we can activate and learn very quickly how to be less reactive, calm and peaceful

–        The high heart engenders clearer, more heart centered communication, something very needed now in the midst of chaos and conflict

On Saturday June 20, 2020 I will be presenting a webinar on opening and activating the high heart chakra, the 8th chromatic chakra in our subtle anatomy. Join me to learn about this amazing chakra center, to explore ways of opening, clearing and balancing it, and how to strengthen the thymus to enhance your immune function.

Space is limited in this webinar, so if you are interested, please sign up soon! I will do my best to provide a rebroadcast, but I can’t guarantee it! To sign up, go back to my newsletter and click on the “Register now” button.


See links below to register for my 2020 free webinar and to learn about free gifts!

As I’ve predicted for the last 8 years, the year 2020 is already shaping up to be a year of great revelation. 2020 is being called “The Great Awakening” or the “Turning Point” by many professionals including astrologers as well as financial market predictors.  I agree with this and I will be chiming in on the opportunities to embrace the changes of 2020 with clarity when I present my Numerology Themes webinar on February 5, 2020 (details below).  Here’s one hint: the work “GOLD” = 20 in numerology.

Gold Bar2020 Gold

In fact, it’s a good time to plan, not just for 2020, but for the next 10 to 20 years ahead! Whenever I do a long-term plan, I look back at where I was in time.

20 years ago: In the year 2000, I was working in corporate America for one of the largest banking firms in the world. I liked my job and was making a lot of money, but I knew that I was here to do something else. I listened to my inner voice, the essence of who I Am, and within 3 years, I took a leap of faith into my current profession as an intuitive counselor. Click here to see my full range of services.

Today: in the year 2020, I am loving my work and my clients. I use tools for self-awareness to help my clients know, “Your Soul Knows”, which it does, without exception. I help you tune into any topic or question and show you how to access the answer from within yourself. I call these sessions, Soul Codes, Keys from the Heart, Codes from your Soul.

20 years ago: Also, in 2000, I gave birth to my fourth child, my son Thomas. Thomas was a miracle baby in 2000 because my doctor recommended that I end the pregnancy early on due to complications – and I refused. We welcomed Thomas into our family on 3-31-2000! His birthday is a “9” day, signifying the completion of our family.

Today: Another miracle was in store with Thomas. On January 16, 2020, he donated 8.7 million stem cells to save his older sister’s life. Sophie was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019 and is now cancer-free with a new immune system and a lease on life!

10 years ago: In 2010, I was working on my film project, “Sacred Journey of the Heart”, and realized that the project had to be put on hold because I wasn’t able to show up on camera and be my authentic self. I wondered, would the film get done? would anybody see it? Would it be any good?

Click here to see the YouTube video, Ronna Prince Before and After

Today: the film is a popular stream on Gaia.TV and  it is still changing lives.  Click here to access the film. The film was premiered in Scottsdale, AZ to sold out audiences in October 2012, and went on to be screened around the world win many awards. The film found its perfect home on Gaia.Tv and my non-profit company, Global Wholeness, is now a significant supporter of the HeartMath mission. I am now planning a second film project, thanks to ongoing donations from dedicated fans.

In April, 2010, I led a group of clients and friends on a sacred tour of Egypt. It was the realization of a dream and all of us on the tour connected with Essence Self in Egypt and experienced deep transformation during our private time inside the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid.

5-2010 EgyptToday: I am planning a sacred tour to another place that has been on my list of transformational sites: Malta. Malta is the home of the Great Goddess and has cultural sites that pre-date Stonehenge. Tour dates are being set for the trip to being on 10-10-2020! If you are interested in this trip, let me know!

maltaDuring this 2020 year, I believe that many things will come to light and we will be offered a great opportunity for potent change.  And, it takes great courage to embrace deep change from within. I know from experience, that it’s tempting to resist change by a) doing nothing, b) complaining, c) wishing things were different, and/or d) blaming others for our life’s circumstances.

At some point, change becomes inevitable no matter how we address it. So, we are left with a choice. I believe that the essential choice we will all have the opportunity to face, is to strip away our conditioned self-identity (ego), and to connect our “essence self” in order to navigate change to a new destiny.

I will be sharing my definition of Essence Self and how to create profound change from this deep, eternal place within.

In fact, from my perspective as a holistic numerologist*, Essence Self is the #1 KEY THEME of all of 2020.

Here is the Pythagorean numerology of Essence Self:




























This is how it looks in my numerology program:

Essence Self=


Total #







My annual numerology themes webinar is my most popular one because my way of looking at numbers is unique! I combine numbers with the beauty color of the aura-soma system to bring “boring numbers” to life!

In my awareness, the Turning Point opportunity in 2020 is, at its very core, about connecting and expressing from our Essence Self.

I invite you to join me on February 5th at 5 pm Mountain time, to discover the Numerology Themes of 2020.  We will looking at words and phrases that =20, 40 (20+20), 22, 202, and 220. Click here to Register for this free webinar!

I will be offering special gifts, including your free numerology report, and discounts on what I call NEW EVE sessions. You must attend the event to receive your 2020 gifts!

Heartfelt gratitude,


In gratitude and appreciation, a gift from me to you: Here is a self-guided process that you can practice to activate 2 very important, and little known energy-body centers (or Chakras).  Please note that I will be sharing more about this in my upcoming webinar “HeartVision 2020, Activating True Soul Purpose” on December 5th, 2019 at 4:30 pm Mountain time. See newsletter for registration link.

For the last 14 years, I have been teaching and working with the 12 chromatic chakra system located inside the physical body. This integrative, chromatic chakra system has been helpful in achieving a new way of holistic balance for our entire energetic being.

If you have followed my online webinars, you will know that I have provided evidence for the basis of the chromatic chakra system with correlations with the 12 major organ systems, 12 acupuncture meridians, 12 cranial nerves, and 12 nerve plexus bundles which enervate the endocrine (7) and immune  (5) organs.  Including the immune organs with the endocrine system is probably my most important contribution to understanding subtle anatomy.

I was especially excited in March 2018 when scientists officially announced the existence of the 12th major physical energy system called the “interstitium organ system”.  If you want to learn more, please contact me with information on the webinar I presented on “the missing link”, and how this 12th organ system completes our understanding of physical and subtle energy connections.

Here is a graphic depiction of the chromatic chakra system that I had designed to show the symmetry and color of the 12 major chakras.Chromatic chakra graphic

12 chromatic chakras, copyright Ronna Prince

What I haven’t focused on are the “hidden” but very important 0 chakra, the Earth Star and 13 charka, the Soul Star.  In my holiday offering, I am sharing with you a powerful process to ground your Earth Star chakra and to activate your Soul Star chakra, integrating all 0-13 chromatic chakras!

The Earth Star Chakra Purpose/Function:

In my experience, the purpose of the Earth Star chakra is to ground us into our physical experience. With this chakra grounded and active (functioning) in everyday life, we experience practicality in our approach, the ability to step-by-step get our work completed, and gratitude and appreciation for all of our human experiences, especially ones of a physical nature, such as exercise, being in nature and physical contact with people.

Signs of disconnect or weakness in the Earth Star chakra are: being spaced out, difficulty with directions, getting lost or losing things, having trouble appreciating the physical aspect of life, reluctance to physically connect with others and other aspects such as utopian idealism and big ideas that don’t get off the ground.

The Soul Star Chakra Purpose/Function

The purpose of the Soul Star is to actively connect our soul into our aura and physical body. When this chakra is activated, meaning we are aware of it and we connect with it in our every day lives, we know our true spiritual nature, we are aware of our soul purpose, we are connected to Divine Presence and we feel the unity with all things.

When this 13th charka is fully functioning, we have immense gratitude for every day and we see the soul essence in all people and literally in everything around us. We know, through sensing-awareness that we are truly eternal beings. We don’t get caught up in fears around death and finiteness nor do we see ourselves as separate from others.  We may even have an awareness of our soul’s history through past lives, and an ability to go beyond the past-present-future time-space continuum and enter non-linear memory, accessing future lives.

When this 13th Soul Star chakra is not activated, we tend to experience life through the limitation of our human experience. We engage in us-vs them polarities, choosing sides with right or left, masculine or feminine, and engaging in the need to be right. We may have soul-amnesia, not really remembering who we are or why we are here. We most likely will experience repeating themes in relationships where we are discounted or mistreated, and have difficulty understanding and embracing our true purpose in this lifetime.

What I typically see, is that we inherently connect to either the Earth Star or the Soul Star chakra but haven’t consciously activated and integrated both.

Why is this important? I’ve noticed that the more focus there is in the upper chakras, the less balanced the lower chakras are. And vice versa.  But when you ground and activate the 0 and 13 chakras, the whole system integrates and balances.

I invite you to play with this self-guided meditation.

Close your eyes and begin by taking 3 deep breaths, focusing on moving your diaphragm in and out extending your breath into your abdomen. See/feel/imagine the energy around your body, your aura as perfectly balanced and symmetrical:

energy aura

Next, feel/imagine that beneath your feet, about 2 to 3 feet, is a beautiful deep magenta energy center.  This is your Earth Star Chakra. With your intention, feel the soles of your feet open energetically to allow the Earth Star Chakra to move/pulsate upward through your feet, connecting to your root chakra.

This is what the energy looks like in aura-soma: Bottle #89, called Energy Rescue. This bottle is actually used to bring earth-energy into the body to restore vitality as well as to protect the physical body from harmful radiation (please note: I offer the full range of aura-soma products for sale, please contact me if you are interested in exploring!): EQ B 89

Next, imagine the earth-energy moving up the lower chromatic charkas: Red-Coral-Orange-Gold-Yellow. As you breathe in, expand your diaphragm (the olive chakra) and feel the earth energy move into the heart chakra, the solid green energy center. This process grounds the Earth Star into the physical body by connecting it to the 6 lower chromatic chakra centers, merging into the heart chakra (the 7th chromatic chakra in my system).

Next, shift your focus and attention to about 6 to 12 inches above your head. With your intention to activate or “turn on”, the Soul Star chakra above your head by feeling/imaging a beautiful spherical magenta energy shimmering above you. Feel the chakra sphere rotate, move and spin. (If you get dizzy, breathe through the diaphragm back down to the abdomen and then feel the Earth Star firmly glowing beneath your feet. Then, slowly turn your attention back to the Soul Star. This may take some patience and practice)

You may also be able to feel a silver or gold cord that connects your crown chakra (violet), at the top of your head, to your Soul Star charka (magenta).

In aura-soma, the Soul Star color energy looks like this, bottle #67, called Love from Above:

EQ B 67

The purpose of Aura-Soma Bottle #67 is “Spirituality in Action”, Love in the little things and a deep awareness of the immortality of the soul.

The final step in the meditation/visualization is to move your focus all the way up and down the 0-13 chromatic chakras and imagine that your breath moves through each chakra as if you are playing a chromatic scale.

Here is an octave frequency sweep audio on Youtube that you can use to “light up” or spin your 12 chromatic chakras. When you listen to this, just breathe normally and feel your chakras rotate as the tone moves from 220Hz to 440 Hz.

I like to listen to this 3 times in a row.  I have fun playing with different breath patterns and images as the chromatic scale goes up form one A (220) to the next A (440).

I will be sharing this as an audio meditation in my upcoming webinar, so if you would like an audio guided meditation, be sure to register! Details are in my newsletter: sign-up at:

Holiday cheer and Blessings,




New Webinar on Activating True Soul Purpose Oct 3, 2019 at 4 pm Pacific time: please email me for details if you did not receive my newsletter:

In the webinar, we will:

  • Uncover your true gifts and talents
  • Remove obstacles and blocks that prevent you from taking the Big Leap
  • Clear the source of 2 things that keep you stuck: “I can’t because” and “F-E-A-R” or what I call “familiar energy appearing repetitively”.
  • Create a clear pathway to manifesting your vision, using the tools of Quantum Manifestation, a 7 part process that draws a new reality TO you!

You haven’t heard from me in awhile, since July actually, because I’ve been letting the dust settle after a period of major upheaval and challenge. As you may recall, my 22 year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at the beginning of 2019. At that time, I was in the beginning stages of selling my home and moving to Chicago, a long-awaited plan, and then everything was turned on its head. All planning came to a halt and my entire family focused on supporting Sophie through her healing journey here in Scottsdale, AZ. It felt like a long “haboob”, the name for the dust storms that engulf our city during the monsoon months of August-September: this is a real photo!

During Aug-Sept in AZ we have dust storms called HAboobs!

During Aug-Sept in AZ we have dust storms called HAboobs!

I’m happy to report that since mid-July, she has been entirely healthy and cancer-free, with no evidence of disease, based on many tests including one called “MRD”, minimal residual disease, of which she has none! Her diagnosis came only a few months after my cancer experience in 2018 where I was successfully treated for early-stage breast cancer using a combination of allopathic and alternative medicines.

I wrote about it in a blog article called “Layers of Happiness” on March 3rd.  If you missed it, here it is:

In March 2019, we still had a long way to go on Sophie’s healing journey, but I was finally ready at that time to share my own experience and put in into the context of how it showed me the stunning accuracy of my intuition over the years of “inner knowing”.  I use my intuition with my clients in every session and my intuition is what guides my own life decisions.

My intuition told me to take some time off this summer, to reflect deeply on what this last 12 months has been all about, and then to reset, renew and redefine my purpose.

I’ve taught on a lot of subjects over the years and as I reflect on what the number one question I’m asked by my clients, it relates to what I’ve been teaching: Finding your true mission and purpose.

An important aspect of uncovering this is connecting with your true soul identity, or true soul nature. I have been facilitating this for clients over the years and I see an even more intense inner urging felt by people to do what really matters to them now and in the years ahead.

There is a general sense that something BIG is about to happen, maybe even on a global level. I’ve been talking about this in public since 2014 when I presented a channeling for a packed house at the Sedona Creative Life Center.  The venue was packed not because of me, but because of the wonderful event put on by Karen Koebnick of Stellar Productions, including Gregg Braden’s keynote presentation. My talk was called:

Heart Vision 2020:  Energizing a Clear Pathway to Transformation 2020 Envision, Create, Activate your Heart’s Wisdom.

HeartVision 2020What I’ve discovered over the years is that everyone I meet is impelled at a deep inner level, to do something that connects with their soul purpose and uses their heart intuition.  Unfortunately, we don’t learn this in school and most of us don’t learn it from our parents. What happens is that we start seeking and searching but by the time we do this, most of us have responsibilities, kids, pets, bills to pay and a career path that may not be fulfilling.

I started on this path about 15 years ago and along the way I have found complementary modalities that have helped me and many, many clients connect with their True Soul Purpose. These processes include HeartMath (for de-stressing and listening to your intuition), Loving Kindness Meditation, Soul Codes (a process I created to listen to the wisdom of your soul), Past Life Healing, 12 chromatic Chakra balancing and my latest modality: Family Constellation Healing that uncovers and detangles hidden loyalties and repeating patterns that started before you were even born! This is based on the science of epigentic inheritance. These inherited patterns can have a stranglehold on expanding into our true soul purpose. If you are not familiar with this work, you will most definitely want to attend my free webinar on October 3, 2019 to learn more!

Because connecting with true soul purpose is what most people come to me to uncover, I have created a “Clear Pathway” for this process that I am now rolling out in a structured program. The program is called “Activating True Soul Purpose”.

In this program, we will:

  • Uncover your true gifts and talents
  • Remove obstacles and blocks that prevent you from taking the Big Leap
  • Clear the source of 2 things that keep you stuck: “I can’t because” and “F-E-A-R” or what I call “familiar energy appearing repetitively”.
  • Create a clear pathway to manifesting your vision, using the tools of Quantum Manifestation, a 7 part process that draws a new reality TO you!

If this is of interest, please join me on a webinar to explore the process on Thursday, October 3rd at 4pm Pacific, 5 pm Mountain, 6 pm Central and 7 pm eastern time. In the 45 minute webinar, I will outline the program and describe the processes I use to create a clear pathway to Activating True Soul Purpose. Everyone attending the webinar will receive my intro webinar: Seeing Clearly: One Word to Life’s Purpose.

I believe that during the final 3 months of 2019 will set the stage for 2020 to be your breakthrough year!

for more information about my work, visit

According to my Family Constellation teacher, Marina Toledo, worldwide interest in this modality is increasing exponentially.  Here is an image from a recent session with a client of one of ways we create a Meta-Image of the family soul for healing

2019 July FC image

Here is what Marina shared with me on July 2nd: “When we are born into a family, we get entangled at the soul level with events and people that were not talked about by our ancestors (due to too much pain, shame, guilt, etc.) and we are unconsciously loyal to the way our predecessors lived their life. Later on, these unconscious programs hold us back from doing well in life if they were not able to, so we tend to repeat their unhappy relationships, financial struggles, illnesses, limiting emotional patterns, etc.  Since I travel to facilitate in different countries, I am noticing an increasing interest in epigenetics and the effects of inherited family trauma worldwide.  Family Constellations has become the most well-known methodology to bring to light these unconscious programs in order to untangle yourself from living out the destiny of your ancestors and free yourself up to live the life you are really meant to live.”

Wow! How powerful is that? And I have been training diligently with Marina in order to bring this modality to the USA as a more effective and easy way of healing inherited dramas and traumas, otherwise called “epigenitic inheritance”.

Some of the most intriguing research over the past few years has been on the subject of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance is the transmission of information from one generation of an organism to the next that affects the traits of offspring without alteration of the primary structure of DNA —in other words, epigenetically

One study published in 2018 demonstrated that memories of environmental changes were passed down through 14 (yes -14!) generations, the largest time span ever recorded in a creature being studied. Granted, this was a study on the nematoad or roundworm, but the results provided resounding proof of the transmission of memories that impacted the physiology of future generations. Here is the article:

More about human studies from the article: “..research suggests that events in our lives can indeed affect the development of our children and perhaps even grandchildren – all without changing the DNA.

For example, studies have shown that both the children and grandchildren of women who survived the Dutch famine of 1944-45 were found to have increased glucose intolerance in adulthood.

Other researchers have found that the descendants of Holocaust survivors have lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps your body bounce back after trauma.

I am working on writing out some case studies from recent examples of healings with my clients, in the meantime, I can share this personal example:

In my own family, my youngest son was incapacitated with chronic migraines from age 14-18 unable to go to school or have a social life.  In a constellation session, we uncovered that he was carrying a “hidden loyalty” – something that happens as an inherited trauma at the unconscious level, to two of our ancestors that died of head trauma:

1) my dad’s brother, uncle Wesley, died at age 5 in 1930 by falling out of tree and hitting his head, and 2) my maternal grandmother’s brother, my great-uncle Karl who died at age 18 in 1931, by diving head-first into the shallow end of a swimming pool.

How could these two untimely deaths have impacted my son who was born 70 years AFTER these incidents in 1930 and 1931, one on each side of my family tree?

The explanation comes from the burgeoning study of “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.”  (see article above)

Thomas inherited this double-trauma memory through me, his mom, and he was unconsciously holding a loyalty to these two young men, both whom lost their lives early on to head trauma – before their adult lives even started.  After the FC session, we started to find answers for Thomas’ headaches, he began to heal, to have less frequent and less severe migraines.  He graduated from high school and headed off to college in the Fall of 2018!

I am now using tools and sacred objects with my clients to create a Meta-picture of the family soul dynamics.  The image at the top of the article shows how I have been using representatives of family members for healing. It is a fun process and it works! Stay tuned for more examples.  To contact me for an intro FC session: call 602-315-6335


Please consider joining in the worldwide Intention Setting to heal my daughter, Sophie Prince! In the interest of getting this information to you, I am copying the email I received from Lynne McTaggart.  To see the intentions of the week on Lynne’s website, click here:

This has not yet been updated for July 7th. At the end of link, you can directly sign up to receive these emails and also nominate a loved one to receive this healing.

NOTE: there are 3 recipients of Intention each week. Please consider participating in all 3. My daughter Sophie, is listed below as the second person in line, starting at 10:10 am Pacific time.

1st of 3: Intentions of the Week: Lilette Treboux

Help her to overcome metastasized breast cancer

Sunday, July 7, 2019

10:00 am Pacific US time

Denise Botkin of our community has nominated her friend Lilette Treboux (the woman on the right), aged 76, of Muttenz, Switzerland, near Basel, as an Intention of the Week. She is a participant of this year’s Power of Eight Intention Masterclass (in the ‘Like Dreamers Do’ group) and also Accelerated Intention course, and she traveled to London for one of Lynne’s day courses last Fall. “You can say she is a P of 8 groupie,” says Denise.


As Denise says, “Lilette and I met while taking a Biofield Healing Practitioner Course last year, and developed a friendship, along with all the other lovely participants of the BHI Practitioner program. At the end of our program, we started a P of 8 group to continue to work with one another and have had some wonderful successes in our group.

“Lilette’s heart and willingness to give to others in their healing path is truly a gift. Please help me honor her with one in return.”

Here’s Lilette’s story about herself in the third person:

“Lilette was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. Not aware of any other options, she had the usual operation, chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. Seven years later the cancer metastasized to lymph nodes, with operation and radiation therapy. Operations of her lung and hip joint followed.

“A PET scan showed several tumors in the right lung and various other places, also one in her chest, squeezing against her esophagus, which caused constant coughing and difficulties with swallowing. Treatment with ECT (Electro Cancer Therapy) eliminated the tumors in the lung and reduced most others, but when the treatment was stopped because it showed no more results, the tumors came back very aggressively, particularly in her chest, which finally made swallowing impossible, and on her head, which is unbearably itchy.

“Another radiation therapy on the chest brought temporary relief, and she can swallow solids, but the cough is already back. She has changed her diet to exclude sugar, but the tumors are still rapidly growing and new ones appearing regularly all over her body, head and neck. The last PET scan is one year old, so it is not known if and how far the cancer has progressed to internal organs or penetrated the skull bones.

“Lilette has had various alternative treatments like Iscador (mistletoe) injections, hyperthermic treatments, Biofeedback, various special supplements mental and energetic modalities, etc.

“She finds it a lot easier to give than to receive but has now the mindset to receive healing and believes it is possible for her. She would like to go on with her coaching work and with Biofield Healing Immersion (whose founder, Debora Wayne, recommended Lynne’s books on her reading list and thus got Lilette to be a Power of 8 fan).”

Please hold the following intention on Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 10:00 am Pacific US time/1:00 pm Eastern US/6:00 pm UK/7:00 pm Europe:


‘Our intention is that Lilette Treboux be immediately, permanently and completely healed of all breast cancer and its metastases to lymph nodes, lung, hips, chest, and anywhere else, and that she be healthy and well in every way.’


2nd of 3 Intentions of the Week: Sophie Prince

Help her to overcome leukemia

Sunday, July 7, 2019 10:10 am Pacific

2018 Sophie Grad

Ronna Prince,  Scottsdale, AZ, a spiritual healer/channeler and award-winning documentary film maker (‘Sacred Journey of the Heart’), who overcame breast cancer last year. Here’s her story about her daughter Sophie Prince, aged 22, of Scottsdale:


“I was looking forward to a really amazing year in 2019 but my daughter, Sophie, was diagnosed with leukemia, AML (acute myeloid leukemia (AML), where bone marrow makes abnormal white blood cell, red blood cells, or platelets) on January 14, 2019.


“Sophie’s treatment was going well in terms of the type of AML and the expected outcome – no bone marrow transplant and an 80 percent positive outcome.


“However, after her final chemo treatment at the end of May, she had a serious turn for the worse. As expected, her immune system was wiped out by the chemo and she became neutropenic (abnormally low in white blood cells). Normally she bounces back from chemo.


“But she came down with a fever on June 3rd and we took her to the ER at Mayo hospital – she has been in Mayo since that day. Her intravenous line was infected with E coli and she became mildly septic. She recovered quickly, but there was a more dangerous infection lurking that became evident on June 8th when her right eye started swelling.


“A fungus called mucormycosis had invaded her right sinus. The fatality rate for this fungus is very high >50 percent. She has had two surgeries to debride the sinus of fungus and the doctors were talking about maybe having to remove her right eye.


“At the moment, she seems to be recovering but will go into the third surgery in less than a week, in just an hour from now. I am writing from the hospital.


“I do believe that she will recover from this but chances of relapse from either infection is great – both E coli and the fungus tend to hang around. The medications she has to be on to prevent this can damage her kidneys and result in kidney failure.


“I am asking that you please consider her for healing intention for Sophie. She has had to move back in with me to help her through her intense treatment.


“My intention for her is to heal completely from the infections, to stay in remission from the AML (her last two bone marrow biopsies showed no evidence of disease) – it’s the treatment that is affecting her now, Also, my intention is that she continues on with her plans to become a college professor in English literature.


“The update is that Sophie continues to recover from the fungal infection and is tolerating the anti-fungal well so far. She just started a double dose of it —both oral and IV. The goal is to get her off the IV medication in about a week because it takes four to five hours in the hospital every day to receive the medication by IV and the medication can be toxic to the kidneys, causing kidney failure and the need for dialysis. We are intending that her kidneys stay healthy and strong through the entire course of the medication.


“That’s the update. So far everything is going well, and we are hopeful that she stays healthy and well, and continues on with her plans in life. Sophie is the light of our lives – me, her dad, her three brothers and her life partner, Tatum Santacase all thank you for your consideration.”


Please hold the following intention on Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 10:10 am Pacific US time/1:10 pm Eastern US/:6:10 pm UK/7:10 pm Europe:


‘Our intention is that Sophie Prince be immediately, permanently and completely healed of all AML, of all infections from E coli, mucormycosis and any other infections, that she be free of any side effects from the medication she is being given, that her kidneys, eyes and sinuses remain healthy throughout treatment, and that she be healthy and well in every way.’


3rd of 3 Intentions of the Week: Sofia Agras

Help her to overcome kidney failure

Sunday, July 7, 2019

10:20 am Pacific

Sofia Agras, aged 55, of Los Angeles, California, another member of this year’s Power of Eight Intention Master class (Octopus Garden) has suggested asked to be part of the Intention of the Week. Here’s her story in her own words:


“My kidneys failed out of nowhere, and I either need a transplant from a live donor who is a match ASAP and for that to go smoothly and for new kidney to work, or to be spontaneously healed.


“This is urgent – a matter of life and death.


“I am really sensitive/allergic to medications, so the transplant frightens me because immunosupressants are super toxic, and I am also worried drugs will affect my ability to be a clear channel and to stay connected to God and guides.


“I also have a rare autoimmune disease in my blood, some bacterial and viral infections, microbiome issues and inflammation, and a number of other issues.


“The other modalities like stem cells or artificial kidney, aren’t ready yet.


“So I prefer to be miraculously healed, and believe it IS possible, but I can’t do this alone. If I knew how, I would have done it by now.”


Please hold the following intention on Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 10:20 am Pacific US time/1:20 pm Eastern US/6:20 pm UK/7:20 pm Europe:


“Our intention is that Sofia Agras be immediately permanently and completely healed of the kidney failure in both of her kidneys, the rare autoimmune disease in her blood, all bacterial and viral infections,  and any other contributing health issues so that she is healthy and well in every way.”