August, 2020

On 8-26-2020 I presented another webinar on one of the 12 chromatic chakras – the 6th Chakra – the Olive chakra of heart-centered leadership. If you missed it, it is rebroadcasting over this final weekend of August. Here is what I covered:

A few key 2020 numerology themes, including those centering on leadership,

Curing the virus of fear: including – the biology of fear/stress response and why it directly impacts our ability to stay in health or decline into disease, my personal experience with the virus of fear in March 2020 and how I cured myself with the 3-step A-C-T process

1 cartoon FFFThe Olive chakra – its correlation to one of our 12 organ systems, its location at the diaphragm and connection to the liver – and why the liver IS part of our immune system, and the relationship of this chakra to our “antahkarana” bridge (energy anatomy!)

The Vagus nerve – part of our nervous system that we CAN regulate, and how this nerve changes its function right at the diaphragm  and olive chakra center,

Neuro-ception – what it is and how to bring perception or awareness to this typically unconscious activity,

An analogy of the Basement to Penthouse connection of our 12 chromatic chakra system  and why you can’t “live in the penthouse if your basement has a shaky foundation!” – the MAJOR theme of 2020/22 -Master Architect year!

4 story house

Finally, we ended this event with a meditation to open and balance the olive chakra with the rest of the chromatic chakra system and connected our hearts to those in need as well as to the Olive chakra of the earth. Many participants emailed me afterwards to report their experiences during this meditation – and they all had the same theme: heart-opening and a grounded, centered feeling!

If you would like access to the webinar after September 1, 2020, please contact me for event link and password.

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