Layers of Happiness

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  • I have tears streaming down my face while reading about your journey. Thank you for listening to your intuition (part of what I teach as well) and sharing your story.
    Keeping you and your daughter in my prayers and highest regard.

  • Donnan says:

    What a beautiful sharing of your experience Ronna…so filled with grace and love….my heart sings in union with your heart!…what a blessing to all of us!
    Many magical blessings to Sophie and Thomas and to you, beloved one!!!

  • Shiana Seitz says:

    Dear Ronna,
    At this point, my only intent with this comment is to Thank You, for your truth, integrity, wisdom and open heart. We first met, through the ethernet a decade or so ago. We even spoke on the phone – back in the days before your myriad advances into the public realm. I don’t recall our full conversation, other than remembering that you encouraged me to honor the name of “Shiana” that had been given to me by some unknown voice into my right ear 11 years ago. I have been Shiana ever since, publishing a couple of books, and inspiring elders to experience Joy and Laughter more fully in their declining years. (I am 75 – they are older – I am the youngster who inspires them.) So… I thank you for sharing your Self so beautifully. And I thank All That Is for keeping the channel open! Namaste, Sending Love and Light to you and Sophie, your sons and all within your heartspace.

    • Ronna Prince says:

      HI Shiana,
      I remember our session years ago. All I usually need is a little detail and then it comes back to me.
      I’m so happy to hear that you have honored your name and have published books on the important topic of helping elders enjoy life!
      Thanks for the healing light and love!

  • Ann McKirdy-Carson says:

    Thank you for sharing these Heartfelt experiences with us. It strengthens my belief in my own journey.

  • Hello Ronna, I met with you several years ago here in Des Moines at Morning Light. Yesterday and today are a bit unusual, but I get it. I’ve had several of the bottle of Aura Soma on top a dresser in a spare bedroom..i learned about these from you several years ago but have not used them for awhile. I was guided to pick up #54 and use it yesterday. I was also told by a local gal wanting to be an intuitive a few years ago that I wasn’t ready for it yet…maybe i was/maybe i was’nt as I wasn’t sure she was right at the time. I haven’t even taken the time to look up #54 yet.

    I’m leaving Tuesday to be in Phoenix for 3 weeks. I’m seeing Dr. Lee Cowden at the Dayspring Clinic on Wednesday…not why I’m coming to Phoenix but have seen him in Dallas in the past so will catch him here this trip. What is interesting is that i have a patient who is in Phoenix with her significant other right now. His AML returned after he went to an integrative clinic in Idaho. It returned right before they were going to Phoenix in December. I’m going to send them this link so they can read your story…i’m thinking you would be perfect support for them.

    Also, today I received a call from the Dayspring Clinic that they’d like to move my appt. up on Wednesday…i then thought about another friend who lives in Scottsdale whose husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer with mets about 4-6 weeks ago. Short of this story is after 3 weeks of chemo (IV and oral) he’s lost his appetite, fever of 104 this week and trip to ER already. He’s very conventional, my friend, his wife is not. Today, he agreed to go to this strange unconventional place to see what they can offer him. Do i think he’d benefit by working with you, of course! will he? I don’t know but i’m also sending your information to them as well.

    Thank you, Ronna. Earlier today, when reading the news, i lamented to myself about the horrible things happening to people at the hands of others…and wondered why this should continue. Yet this day is a wonderful day, for me, in that Spirit is working big time!

    Maybe we could meet up if the Universe wants it. Obviously, you are needed and enjoying family. I’m in Phoenix for 2 weeks with my husband and then have a 4 day class and symposium on Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Chandler.

    This is interesting as I’ve been wondering when you would be in Des Moines again…last time you were here I was out of town. Maybe Phoenix? Carolyn Walker

    • Ronna Prince says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      I remember you very well! Aura-soma #54 has a lot to do with detoxification as well as the possibility of doing some karmic clearing. I know the people at Dayspring and they are very innovative and do some things that are so fare out, even my naturopths question it. Feel free to give your friends my number. I have a lot of resources – with medical marijuana legal in AZ, there really is no need to suffer from some of the side effects of cancer treatment. Let me know when you’re here and I’d love to meet with you! My plan was to return to Des Moines in February – now probably August at the earliest.

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