September, 2015

Quantum Math: How to Use the Equations at a Crossroads

by Ronna Prince

I’ve faced many crossroad decisions in my life, and I have to say that I’m risk taker – I don’t follow the easy path and most of all, I never give up. In fact, this is one of my favorite quotes to live by:

“Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others … Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.”  ~Katherine Mansfield

When facing a decision, for the most part, the opinions of others don’t really give us much guidance other than, well, their opinions.


So exactly how do we “fuel our journey”? If you’re like me, no one really taught you how to make good decisions – how to Act for yourself and Face the truth. I believe that this is the #1 reason that sometimes we find ourselves in a place we didn’t intend to be!

Growing up, I didn’t even know what truth was. In my experience, it was all relative to what I was expected to say to either, 1) cover the lies of my parents or 2) try to avoid punishment or suffering. “Tell the truth” was a loaded statement for me. While I knew what the truth was, I wasn’t allowed to speak it.

Tell the Truth

Unfortunately, that is the reality for all of us who lived with any kind of abuse- emotional, mental, sexual or spiritual. In fact, I know that one of the reasons I am passionately attracted to numerology is that it represents an “absolute truth”. Using Pythagorean numerology, the word “love” can only equal 18 and 1+8=9, the number of completion and humanity. It can’t be any other number. This appeals to me and I’ve delved deeply into numerology and use it to decode the world around me!

In learning how to make good decisions for myself, I have created a road map, or what I call Quantum Mathematics for the Soul. I use the word quantum, to mean “the smallest, indivisible particle”. This is a way of getting to the truth of something. And the truth that I’m interested in aligns with these three principles:

#1 – I will learn and grow from the experience;

#2 – I will be of service to others by connecting, communicating and caring;

#3 – I will act from authenticity and integrity, creating an inner and outer environment of peace and stability.

So my question is this: Is there a way to make decisions that will give you clear and direct feedback? For me there is, and it is a simple process of asking yourself questions that stem from these “equations”.  First, I’ll share the equations, and then I’ll share an example about how to use them in making decisions.


The Quantum Mathematics for the Soul: Equations to Live by:

The 4 Basic Operations:

What I embrace, adds-

What I deny, subtracts.

What I share, multiplies-

What I horde, divides.

The Operations in Application:

What I courageously face, I empower-

What I fear, I reinforce.

What I know, I energize –

What I believe, I become.

What I accept is expanded-

What I resent is returned.

What I let go of is limitless –

What I hold on to is limited.

What I seek in abundance, is found within-

What I seek in lack, is found without.

What I examine, strengthens my Cornerstone.

What I hide from, erodes my Foundation.

When I follow my own soul, I am found

When I follow others, I become lost

What I think, draws me to an outer reality.

What I feel, aligns me with the Sacred Journey of the Heart.

The Exponential Principle:

When I Love, I tap into the Infinite Source

And through this Source, I exponentially multiply my greatest gifts:

The love, wisdom and power of my Soul.

Those are the equations or the cornerstone of what I use to ask myself questions when faced with  a decision. In my years of counseling and coaching, I have encountered three major decision points with people:

1) Do I stay in my relationship or is it best to  leave?

2) Do I stay in my location or move to another place?

3) Is it time for a career change or is it best to stay with what I know?

Let’s take example #1, the big relationship question. What I recommend is to take the 4 basic equations and ask yourself questions related to the operations:

Have I fully embraced the person I am with, accepting who they are, how they express themselves and understanding what is important to them, thereby adding to our life together? OR

Have I denied parts of this person, wanting them to be different than they are, seeing them as flawed, “less than” or no longer right for me, subtracting from what we were attracted to in the first place?

Have I shared my true thoughts and feelings with my significant other, revealing my true self and thereby multiplying our feelings of love, respect and dignity? OR

Have I horded my true self, keeping myself separate and apart and causing division in our goals and dreams?

From here, I go through the other “operations”, turning them into awareness of where I am truly coming from and what answers align with my three principals.

It becomes very clear that if a person answers these questions with more power and emphasis on the negative issues, he/she is dealing with a denial of what is going on within him/herself. When this is the “underlying operation”, changing the exterior, whether that’s a person, a job or a location, will not create a new outcome. I’m not suggesting that someone stays in a situation that is unbearable, but I am saying, that understanding what is really going on, deep within, will create a clear pathway to a new experience.

I’ve learned to embrace change and to be aware of the equations that expand consciousness, create more connection, and lead to deeper peace, within and without.

Remember at the crossroads, the more conscious you are of your choice, the less regret you have, and the more empowered you become!

In gratitude,