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I’m inspired by the current Fat Summit this week (January 24-31, 2016) to write more about the fat issue. In many ways fat is a “twisted issue” because of misinformation which has led to confusion. We were taught over the last two decades the “eating fat makes you fat”. This is the #1 cause for our prevailing “fear of fat”.

fat fear

I’ve got it and I still struggle with feeling ok while eating good fats.

PLUS, in English, French and probably a lot of languages, we use the same word for fat in our foods “fat” and fat that gets stored on on bodies “fat”!! This is downright crazy-making. We have the message that body fat is bad, certain food fat is good! (I just learned from Nick Ortner that the Tibetans have totally different words for body fat and food fat. We got language-deprived somehow, complicating our relationship with the “energy of fat”!)

On top of that, even though over 70% of us in America are “fat” or overweight to some degree, we still have a sense of judgment about ourselves or from others,  and even perhaps, shame about our weight.

However, I see the actors on television ads and shows more and more overweight as time goes on, reflecting what’s happening in society. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe some of both. Accepting ourselves as we are is the starting point for change, but settling for a new norm of fat-ness can and does have far-reaching health consequences. I vote for living in a body that feels good, moves well and stays vibrantly healthy as we age!

A few days ago, I shared with you that my acronym for F-A-T is Fear-Avoidance-Technique.

To flush this out, what I mean is that when we end up with excess fat on our bodies, inevitably we have been engaging in some type of of feelings-avoidance (unless we truly have a genetic-hormonal imbalance).  We have usually “gone dark”, or have been engaging in unconscious eating or drinking that imbalances our body’s set-point and signals our biochemistry to start to drive fat into our cells, to store it, and to lock in it place. (If you want to know the biology of this, Dr. David Ludwig’s talk, the Biology of Obesity is very informative.)

Further complicating this is that the foods that we typically reach for when we are in full F-A-T mode (feelings avoidance) are ones that immediately make us “feel better” but at the same time convert quickly into stored fat because we are creating an insulin imbalance in the body.  Things like chips, cookies and ice cream – those processed carbs that we know we should avoid but we eat anyway because of the pleasure factor.

The most serious health risk is that as we get fatter, we store more belly fat. Belly fat is the most dangerous fat because it makes toxins and releases chemicals called cytokines. As I understand it, cytokines are the real bad-guys of fat, because they cause inflammation and can lead to all sorts of diseases including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

I’ve enjoyed all of the information on the Fat Summit so far, but so far, none of the speakers are presenting a technique or program that deals with the feelings that led us to overeat and that also directly address to storage area of these feelings- the BELLY!

I’m excited that the new technique I developed last summer, called the Triple Heart Healing Technique, or THHT, does both of these things: with an easy-to-learn process, we address and MOVE the feelings that lead to fat by connecting physically, emotionally and spiritually to where they are stored. How long does this take? 5 minutes.

What are the side effects? Freeing up the feelings that cause us to go dark or unconscious and to then soothe ourselves by eating processed carbs! Having a specific technique to address feelings that get stored as fat in the body is an essential part of  any weight loss program.

While I haven’t used the THHT specifically with my clients to address weight, I’m starting to now. I invite you to join me on my free 30 minute webinar next Wednesday, February 3rd at 6 pm Mountain time to learn about and try out the THHT.

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Let’s learn to shift F-A-T (feelings avoidance) to F-I-T (feelings incorporation)

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