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~~Exploring where we are, and the primary reason we get stuck along the path to awakening.

~”The thing that you are seeking, is also seeking you.”~ Rumi

Over the last few decades of my life, I have been involved in the quest to “know myself”, to live the best life I am capable of and to serve others as they seek to evolve.

Most of us would call this process the path of spiritual seeking. Most of the time, this path is fueled by the desire to understand and to alleviate suffering. And it is also inspired by a desire to answer the deep personal questions of “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, and “What is my purpose?”

I have always highly valued the phrase that is inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Dephi, “Gnothi seauton”, the Greek phrase which translates as “know thyself”.  And like you, I have been exploring the essence of self and soul through many modalities and teachings.

Our Basic Energy Makeup

Basically, when we search for a time to know ourselves better, we discover that we are made up of many parts and many different types of energy.  At the most basic level, during our human experience, we are made up of three parts: Personality, Body, and Soul. The combination of all three of these is what I call the “Self”. (For this basic definition, I include both mind and emotions at part of the Body).  While we are in an incarnate life, we exist as the Self, an individual, unique compilation of physical attributes, a personality made up of emotions and thoughts and spiritual awareness/beliefs and energies. When we are engaging with the purest aspect of Self, I call it the “Essence Self”. This is the part of our energy makeup that consists of our Soul and consciousness that is free from judgment and reactions.

Once we physically die, we obviously shed our bodies and we also shed much of our thought-based judgments and emotion-based reactivity. Often, when I see people’s souls in “between-life settings”, I see the Essence Self very clearly. There are still thoughts and emotions. There is still an individual soul with a pure expression that is not driven by ego. And I see an energy body that is distinct, but obviously not solid or physical. So after we die, we still exist, yes, as a soul, but a soul with individual awareness of its Essence Self.

So after death, our “Essence Self” still exists. The Essence Self consists of the library or record of all of our experiences in this life and all others we have lived, and it contains our basic thoughts, emotions and conceptions about our experiences, and it is enveloped, surrounded and infused by our soul.

So it is my observation and experience that when we die physically, we are much more than just a soul.  We are a soul that still has the ability to think, feel and draw conclusions about our lifetime and from here, to make some new plans.  When judgments and reactions drop away, as they do afterlife, we exist as an energy being that consists of a soul, and with a unique consciousness that still has the ability to think, to feel and to plan. To reiterate, we exist as the Essence Self.

The Awareness of the pure Essence Self – The Golden Treasure of Being

When we attain a certain level of spiritual development, whether in life or afterlife, we become closer to the pure Essence Self, the individualized spark of consciousness that emerged from the Source, infused with Love and Beauty. The pure Essence Self knows itself as Love and experiences itself as Beautiful. It does not judge, it does not strive, it just IS. It retains its memory of all things that have been experienced and learned.  And these experiences and lessons are held dearly in the Heart of the Essence Self as the Golden Treasure of Being. What is the Golden Treasure of Being? It is a knowing. A knowing that is very simple.  And essentially, the most profound truths are always simple. This is how the pure Essence Self describes the experience of incorporating the Golden Treasure of Being:

I Am Love and Beauty

a love is the beauty of the soul

If you are wondering how I know this, the answer is that when I channel for people, meaning, I enter a state of consciousness that is beyond time, space, and physical limitations. I experience each person’s pure Essence Self. I can see the emanation of each Essence Self, including the Soul, as it originally emerged from Spirit, I can hear the vibration of the unique Essence Self, and I can feel the beauty of each individual.  Beauty in this sense, has nothing to do with physical appearances. It is related to a state of inner being.  For many of us, it is to have recovered from the false teaching of original sin and thus to know ourselves as we were originally created, from the pure essence of Love itself.

The Progression of Spiritual Development

Knowing how difficult this process can be, I have a deep sense of reverence and respect for the activity of spiritual seeking, based on the desire to Know Thyself. I have seen and experienced a progression of spiritual development that consists of three basic levels. These three levels are also very simple and contain the steps of attaining mastery while still engaged in a human life. (CAVEAT: the act of categorizing itself can set off the ego into comparing, judging and criticizing self and others… if you find yourself doing this while reading on, just be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Don’t try to change them or bypass them.)

Level 1: Human being, being Human

Level 2: Human being, being Spiritual

Level 3: Spiritual Human being, being Peace .

And at each level, a different aspect of consciousness presides over all of the others.

Level 1 consciousness: Personality/Ego-based

Level 2 consciousness: the Higher Self and/or the Spiritualized Ego

Level 3 consciousness: The Essence Self

At level 1 consciousness, a person is primarily driven by his personality and has little to no mastery over emotions, and little to no awareness about the power of thoughts.  A “human being, being human”, reacts to people and situations and usually feels that life is random, and that we are subject to fate and luck. A human being, being human usually lives life in drama, conflict and blame. In this state, we are very devoted to our “stories” as being the determining factor for why we are experiencing challenges.  At this level of being, the primary phrase is “I can’t because”, meaning, I cannot be-the-cause of the situations in my life… and I cannot change my fate without an act of God, or winning the lottery or getting some other windfall of resources.

When describing the conflicts and challenges in their lives, at level 1, people start most sentences with the names or pronouns of other people. “She caused this to happen, he wronged me by doing x-bad thing, she made me feel x emotion, they won’t let me… etc” The primary emotional energies that emit from a personality-driven human being’s heart are anxiety and fear. If this state has persisted long enough, it often shifts to apathy and depression.

In this level 1 state of being, the Ego runs the show.

Freud’s description of the ego can be summarized as this: The ego is the organized part of the personality structure that includes defensive, perceptual, intellectual-cognitive, and executive functions. Some conscious awareness resides in the ego, although not all of the operations of the ego are conscious.

The in-charge Ego

When the ego is in charge, the psychological mechanisms at work are projection, suppression, repression, denial and blame among others. This way of interacting with others wreaks havoc on our relationships and is the cause of almost all relationship discord and break-ups.

In other words, the ego often polarizes situations into black and white, innocence and blame and right and wrong. Most relationships at this level of engagement are involved in some form of “right-fighting” and “if-only’ing”, meaning, if only he would change, then I would feel better.

The key thing to remember here, is that we need our ego! We need it to function in the material world, to make decisions and to take certain actions.  It is an essential part of our human being make-up. But if it stays in charge, with all if its defense patterns, we stay frustrated and disconnected from our Essence Self.

We all know this state very well, because in order to be motivated to search for deeper meaning and a state of self-empowerment, we have to choose to explore a more self-actualizing path.  We discover the importance of getting in touch with our higher selves, the aspect of our consciousness that is able to bridge from our personality to our pure Essence Self and soul.   Searching for answers and for a better way of engaging with life and those around us, are what sets most of us on the spiritual path.

Level 2 Transition

At this point, at the beginning of Level 2 of consciousness, we question, we read, we learn, we meditate, dream, journal, and seek out teachers who resonate at a level of consciousness that we are seeking for ourselves. (And remember, the thing that you are seeking is also seeking you!) We go to workshops, listen in to online events with experts sharing their teachings of how we can be or do better (a great way of learning by the way, in your own home!), and we use our life experiences as opportunities to grow, rather than excuses to be stuck in the same old patterns.

Over time, we become more empowered, less ego-driven and more aware of our emotional choices and of our patterns of thoughts and behaviors (habits). We start to experience a transformation in our way of being. Instead of feeling disempowered, we feel enthusiastic and alive, excited and motivated. We stop blaming others for the conditions in our own lives and we start practicing spiritual principals of acceptance, compassion and peace, to name a few.  We begin to feel more in the flow of life.  We may experience great alleviation of personal pain and suffering. We are less reactive to others and have more conscious choice over our responses. We experience ourselves as being capable of creating lasting change in our lives. We stop identifying with our stories, and see our past as simply a path that got us to this moment of now.

The primary emotional energies that emit from a human beings heart at this time, interestingly enough, are both trust and doubt. If we doubt more than we trust during this process of evolving, our heart energies can shift into confusion and “over-thinking”.

The Spiritualized Ego and its Agenda and Tactics

Interestingly enough, it is exactly at this time, well into the spiritual search, that we often get waylaid by the ego, sneaking up on us again. The ego enjoys being in charge so much, that without conscious awareness, it will put on the clothing of a spiritualized self, and use spiritual principles to avoid authenticity, pain and discomfort, just like it does at level 1!

Why? Because the Spiritualized Ego still has an agenda.  And it is that agenda that set us on the search in the first place.  What is the agenda? To avoid pain, to understand why things are the way they are, and to be happy, living in our purpose and free. Sometimes, we are even motivated by the desire to be awakened or enlightened! And there is truly nothing wrong with these desires and goals, it’s just that they are not really what leads us to the pure Essence Self. It is not what leads us to peace.

When the Spiritualized Ego takes over during this part of the search, it will attach, avoid, and abstract. It attaches to teachings, teachers and gurus as being the “answer or the way”. It avoids painful emotions and difficult relationships. It abstracts from the actual situations and circumstances of life and when this happens, the spiritualized ego’s favorite phrase is, “It’s all good”.

a its all good

There is a kind of fake happiness or inauthentic peace in the energy field of a person at this time. We’ve all most likely tried this out as a way of being, or found ourselves telling people who care about us, “I’m fine”, when we are really not fine. We smile on the outside, but inside we are not happy and certainly, we are not at peace. We secretly (or so we think), judge others as “less than us”, and we can very harshly judge ourselves if we don’t perfectly follow the spiritual principles that we are attempting to live by.

Here are some signs of the spiritualized ego being in charge:

-        Seeing others as less evolved, and thus feeling “better than”,

-        Believing that there is a goal to attain, or someplace to arrive at when get “there”,

-        Holding on to Utopian ideals for the whole world,

-        Having difficulty changing she/her (or he/him) into I/me in order to see your own projections,

-        Avoiding emotions by intellectualizing, and valuing thinking over feeling

-        Never or seldom expressing or admitting to anger – and if we do, we do it in a triggered state,

-        Being harsh with oneself when we make mistakes, still expecting perfection

-        Faking peace in front of others,

-        Holding prejudices about others, groups of people, religious beliefs, and in general, those different from us,

-        Criticizing others, especially family and those closest to us, with the internal judgment that they are not our “true” soul family.  (This is a tricky one: this belief is ego-driven for until we accept that our family IS our soul family, we cannot accept what is and the choices we made to incarnate with this group of  souls.)

-        Desiring to know where were are or to measure or rate ourselves on any external scale.

-        Striving to be spiritual!

At the stage, one very prominent phrase is “I can’t believe it..” This is based on the emotion of incredulity and underlying it, is the fear of never being or having enough.  For example, a person will say, “I can’t believe that x person did y thing.” Or internally, you say to yourself, “I can’t believe I did that again!” We judge ourselves, we judge others, and we come face to face, if we are willing to be honest, with our Spiritualized Ego.

The Gift of the Spiritualized Ego

When this happens, in fact, it is a very good sign! This means we are ready for a deeper dive into the pure Essence Self. So if you find that you are dealing with an aspect of the Spiritualized Ego, don’t use this as another reason to judge yourself! See it as an opportunity to evolve.  And the process of evolution is one that takes time, trust and patience. Just like the regular ego, the spiritualized ego is not bad. It is an essential part of the process of evolving our consciousness to another level of being.

Transition to the Essence Self

So how do we make the shift into Level 3, the Spiritual Human being, being peace? The key that I have found as I dive more deeply into this level of being, is the willingness to experience what is, as is, without the need to change it.  This means, being honest and integral. And it means, being willing to dive into what is within, in order to just be with it, rather than to change it. So for most of us, it means that we must be willing to sit with the pain of our self-judgment for a time. We must be willing to admit to the presence of ALL our emotions, our anger, our grief, our sadness, and even our hatred. And then at the deepest level, we stop striving and we are content to allow ourselves to just be, without striving to evolve.

The Spiritual Human Being, being peace, does not try to “let go” of anything. It seeks to incorporate, by way of actual acceptance, all things that exist within.  Letting go can be the biggest of all spiritualized ego traps! Because you cannot let go of what you have not accepted. You can’t let go of being confused or doubtful without going within and sitting with the confusion and the doubt and letting it BE, vs. letting it go. And you certainly cannot let go of anger without allowing it to be touched into and to be felt and acknowledged. I have seen sublimated anger in many people and I’ve felt it in myself. It actually simmers in the body in some forms of inflammation, fungal infections and other low-level chronic pain. (I will explore the topic of dealing with anger in another article.)

The spiritualized ego will say, with great emphasis, “This has to stop! I’m done with this!” By contrast, the Essence Self will choose to dive with the “this”, whatever it is, with curiosity and the willingness to experience the feelings and the energy inside that is perpetuating them.

Existing in the Essence Self

Essentially, the Essence Self, at the third level of consciousness, accepts what is, without judgment. This is the consciousness that I usually see when I am observing afterlife or in-between life experiences. But we have examples of living masters who have attained this state, before they physically die. They have left a legacy of teachings, usually based on love, that accept what is, without having to change it. They feel and express anger but not from a reactive state. Their anger comes from great compassion, usually when they see others being harmed, deceived or belittled. They express anger as a creative resource of a human being. This is appropriate anger and can be expressed without losing internal peace.

The primary energy that emits from a Spiritual human being, being peace is, obviously peace. And it is also acceptance and curiosity. When we are in the presence of such a human being, if we allow it, we can be deeply impacted by this feeling of peace. This is a peace without words, also referred to as the “peace that surpasseth understanding.”

I am certainly not yet able to act from the Essence Self all, or even most the time yet. I am not professing that I know the exact steps to mastery or how to live in the state I call a Spiritual human being, being peace. But I do know, that the more I am willing to dive into my heart, and to experience what is truly there, the hopes, the fear, the pains, the pleasures, the doubts and the knowingness, the LESS I sit in judgment of myself or others. And during these times, I experience a true feeling of deep peace.

Exploring the third level of being

I invite you to explore with me, the process of transitioning into the third level of being, the Spiritual Human Being, being peace. It is a process and a practice. And sometimes, the only thing that we are called to remember is the simplicity of Rumi’s poetic phrase, that “the thing you are seeking, is also seeking you.”

When we find peace, true peace, at this third level of progression, we find the Golden Treasure of Being. During these times, our Essence Self shines through and we encompass our pain and our joy, our struggles and our triumphs and we truly see, feel and know ourselves as pure essence. In this place, our hearts open and we can authentically experience the feeling of this phrase, “I am Love and Beauty”.

And that is peace.

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 I bet that if you think back to times in your life when something significant was ending, you had repeating  thoughts running in the background of “it’s over, it’s over…” and accompanying this thought most likely would have been some feelings such as dread, fear, regret, and even incredulity. Over the years, I’ve come to recognize the emotion of incredulity as one of the greatest creativity killers of them all – because with this feeling, comes the thought: “I can’t believe it..”.  And when we can’t believe something is over, it’s nearly impossible to creatively think of new beginnings. This is what causes the situation of being stuck.


So how do we get UNSTUCK?? One of the favorite parts of my film, Sacred Journey of the Heart, is recounted by Mary Morrissey.  In part of a group that went to South Africa to award him the Gandhi-King Peace prize. Here is an excerpt from the film’s transcript:

“I had a burning question to ask Mandela: “How did you get sentenced for life by a country and spend 27 years at hard labor. And then when you get released, you’re not only released, but you actually become President of the country that sentenced you for life. How did you do that?” He said, “When I went to prison I was an angry, bitter young man. I spent the first period of my prison years in anger and bitterness.” He kept saying, “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over.” And one day he said, “Like a drop of water on parched land, the thought emerged from my heart, –what if it’s not?” And he said, “I stayed inside that thought, what if it’s not?.. and I noticed that I started to feel differently when I thought, “well what if it’s not over?” ~ Mary Morrissey

Mary goes on to share the rest of his story of writing letters about apartheid and eventually getting released from prison. And it ends with this beautiful statement from Nelson Mandela:

“The man I was who went to prison could never have been President of this country and done Truth and Reconciliation Hearings. I had to become the man that could do those things and it was a journey of heart.” ~ Nelson Mandela, as recounted by Mary Morrissey in Sacred Journey of the Heart

So, what I want to share with you is this: when you think (or know) something is over, you really only have two choices: one is to stay mired in that thought and the accompanying feelings and the other, is to ask yourself: ”what if it’s not over?”  And if you chose to stay inside the “what if..” question, you will find yourself drawn deeply into a heart-based journey. A heart-based journey, as I have discovered over and over, is one of trust. It is one of acceptance. And it is one of peace.  And from this place, amazing, miraculous things can and do happen!

I have had so many of these experiences in my life that I feel highly qualified to teach the “how-to’s” of creating conscious endings and new beginnings…. Or another way to say this, is that I love to teach the primary lessons of the heart: Awareness, Acceptance and Peace.   My first webinar of 2017 will be on how to navigate your heart-based journey with Awareness, Acceptance and Peace. See the details below.

What if it’s NOT OVER? An example…

I’ll share with you one personal example when I caught myself in the “it’s over…” mode. I had been searching for a distribution outlet for my film after our film festival run was over in early 2015.  I kept getting rejections or encountering hurdles that were too high for me to get over. When I caught myself in the “it’s over” mode, I decided to shift into the “what if..” and the “what if…”, led to the idea of reconnecting with my film editor, Scott Cervine, to see what he was doing.  I thought we might kick around the idea for a sequel to the movie called “The Rest of the Journey..”,  a film focused on what happens when we face deep heart-wrenching choices and unexpected outcomes from these choices.

As part of our conversation, Scott offered to talk to his friends at GaiaTV again about our film. This surprised me because we had already been rejected twice by this group. And just a few days later, I received a distribution offer from Gaia! The acquisition process with Gaia went smoothly and easily and the film is now on the perfect platform with a global audience that is creating a resurgence of interest in the film! Here are some of the fan’s comments and the first one is probably my favorite:

  • A “must” see for Mr Trump!
  • the real “secret”
  • this was among my top favorites on this whole site….like the other reviewer said, “the real secret”….for sure!
  • Loved this film filled with ancient wisdom, radical forgiveness & living from the heart.
  • Thank you for this most wonderful film! We really need this living in the heart today like no other time.
  • Fantastic. You know this film is truly a confirmation for me, to live from one’s heart, I finally get it on every level of my being.
  • Great movie! I especially liked the part where it was talked about how projected blame outward onto others whether its government, society, etc., is just a means of ignoring what’s really going on. That the real issue is within ourselves and has to be looked at instead of projecting blame onto others. Kudos!

So, the lesson again for me was to ask the “what if” question ,while at the same time being in acceptance and peace with what was happening. And this place,  the intersection point between “possibility and peace”, is where the real action is in moving forward. If you are interested in learning more about how to consciously create a new beginning, one of the major themes for 2017, please join me online on:

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Happy Holidays!

By Ronna Prince, Numerologist, Filmmaker, Aura-soma practitioner and "Master Soul Decoder"

Are you aware that one of the most important themes for 2017 is “INTEGRITY”? continue reading to find out why!

Numerology is one of my top passions and I rely upon it heavily during my sessions with private clients. With my understanding and years of study in numerology, it provides me with a deep non-verbal understanding of the meaning of things as translated through the basic energy vibration. (To learn more about how I use numbers in a session, see my previous blog post:  here.)

As we approach the end of each year and the beginning of another, I like to look at the primary themes that the New Year brings with it. We are now at the end of a “9” year, 2016,  which has been a year of completion. This year is the end of a cycle that began in 2008, the last year of “1”. If you consider your own life events from 2008 to 2016, you will most likely see some examples of a progression of experiences and events, many that are coming to a “final fruition” this year.  If you’d like to see an example of how this 9 year cycle played out perfectly in the creation and life cycle of my film, you can scroll down and read more.*

As we all wrap up this year, it’s a good time to look at a large cycle of years, such as the last 9 years and prepare for new beginnings, and possibly the germination of new projects, themes and opportunities.

As I wrote about last year, 2016 has been a year of Expansion (45/9) and Expression (54/9).

2017 is an interesting year from the perspective of numerology. From a straight addition perspective, it is a year “10” – 2+0+1+7=10.  In tarot, the 10 major arcana is the Wheel of Fortune. This card carries many meanings, including fate, karma, continuing cycles of experience that repeat over and over, as well as good and bad “luck”.  It can also mean a “turning point”.

#10 Wheel of Fortune

In my work, in order for a situation (which includes anything from people to emotional patterns, mental thoughts or life circumstances) to really shift, it requires consciousness and focused attention and effort. To put it simply, if we focus on ending what we no longer want to carry over or drag into 2016, we can truly initiate a new beginning – so the 10, becomes 1+0 or 1. The 1 in tarot is called “The Magician”. The Magician represents, taking action, wisely using one’s power, being a leader and acting consciously.

#1 magician

As a numerologist, each word or series of words can be calibrated using Pythagorean numerology in order to understand a deeper connection to the meaning and vibration. It’s very simple and works like this:


Personal names, business names, addresses, book titles, phrases that we say –everything vibrates to a number, which many consider to be the basic building blocks of our reality. Many of the great teachers and thinkers of our time have understood this to be true.  For example, Nicholas Tesla said:


Let’s look at one of the most basic themes of 2017. It is the word “asset”.
















One of the most conscious ways you can finish up this year and prepare for a new beginning in 2017, is to answer the question: What is my greatest asset? What asset do I choose to expand? What liability do I choose to clear up (and by the way, “liability” = 45/9.)

You can do this by making an inventory of your assets and liabilities and consciously choose how you would like to change things, if necessary – again, on any and all levels of your life: financial, emotional, relationships, gifts, talents.. etc.

As I shared at the end of my free webinar on my revised Triple Heart Healing Technique, one of the most important new beginning themes for 2017 can be seen in this phrase:

“I am consciously creating  a New Beginning.”

The numerology translation of this phrase equals 172.  These digits, 1+7+2= 10/1 –the same digits as in the 2017 year. (The Triple Heart Healing Technique Webinar is available to download from my website: Webinar)

The key part of this phrase is the word “consciously”.

Here are a few more of the key numerology themes of 2017. All of these words translate to numbers that add up and reduce to a “1”:

19 = Focus

28 = Begin

37 = Growth

46 = Forgive

And now for one of most important themes of 2017, a 10/1 year.  It’s the word and expression of a characteristic that has been under the microscope of US national politics all year:

55 = Integrity

Integrity is defined in as:

1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished:

You’ll notice that integrity translates to a “master number”, or a number that is doubled, like 11-22-33-44 etc.  Whenever a number is doubled, it carries a special opportunity. It means that we may be able to transform our challenges into gifts.  The number “5″ is often seen as one of the most challenging numbers because it represents conflict and change. It is also connected with the number representing human beings. But when mastered, the number 5 represents freedom.  So a master 55, stands for “Freedom through Integrity!”

The theme of integrity will be preeminent all next year but where it matters most is in our own lives.  Choosing to live in integrity often means making difficult decisions that may make our lives temporarily harder.  But in the long run, without integrity, the purpose of our life is tarnished.  As we prepare for the new year, I believe that the most important choice to make is to live with honesty, in a state of wholeness. The best way that I have found to do this, is to live my life from the heart!

Heartfelt Gratitude,


**An example from my own life’s work is my film, Sacred Journey of the Heart. The seeds for the film were planted in my heart and soul in 2008, during my first trip to Glastonbury. We returned in 2009 with a group of 20 to lead a workshop in Glastonbury and visit the ancient sites of the area.  As it turned out, we were able bring a film crew and begin filming the initial parts of the movie during our tour in the UK. We continued to flesh out what the film was about during the next few years and finally, in October 2012, the film premiered to sold out crowds at Harkins Theater in my hometown of Phoenix. Over the next few years, we screened the film in film festivals, special events and workshops, 2013 to 2015.  And finally in 2016, we achieved the final step in the life of the film in obtaining online distribution from Gaia.TV.  This was a perfect example of the impact of “year numerology” working its way through a major project.


9 Weeks – until the end of this 2016/“9” year, (2+0+1+6)=9

Are you ready for a New Beginning in 2017? It all depends on what you do NOW, in the last 9 weeks of this year.

I’ve been using my own Triple Heart Healing Technique all year this year – with myself and clients with great results. I’ve recently added a slight refinement that super-charges our ability to “Lighten Up” in even very challenging situations.  I’ll be offering an all-new webinar on my technique on 11-10-2016:

Title: New Triple Heart Healing Technique
Date & Time: Thursday, November 10th at 5:30 PM Central

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Event Page:

Towards the end of each year, I like to review the year and plant the seeds for the coming new year, based on the year’s numerology themes.  Numerology is simple and accurate in a general sense and can be used to help us determine themes, challenges and opportunities on personal and global levels.

If you’d like to read my quick explanation about the impact of numerology on our lives and how it works, click here for my basic explanation.

2016, a “9” year, has been about completion, love, service and power. These are important “9” themes and we can see how this is playing out on many levels. For example, in national politics, the Obama era is coming to an end. And even in baseball, one of the two division champion teams playing in the World Series, will end a long-time losing streak and become national champions!

MLB: NLCS-Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs

Why is it so important to consciously finish things up this year? From a numerology perspective, if we don’t do this in 2016, a 9 year, we will drag the energy of last year into 2017 which will then set the stage for a repetition of old patterns. If we do what we can to complete things in 2016, we stage the stage for a new beginning!

Here’s the math, 2+0+1+7=10 (repetition), and 1+0=1 (new beginning).

To understand this more clearly, we can add in the archetypes of the Tarot, a modality of transformation that dates back to the 1400s and as some believe, originated much earlier in Egypt. The 10 of tarot is the Wheel of Fortune, and has a primary meaning connected with destiny or fate, including the energy of karma, duality and cause and effect.  The 10 of tarot shows the wheel spinning around and a human “stuck on the wheel” of life, death and rebirth.

#10 Aura-Soma Tarot

Contrast this with the 1 of tarot, the Magician.

#1 magician

The “1” is about leadership, correct use of power, and transformation.

This is a simplification of course, but on a basic level, it provides us with the major themes for next year and gives us the opportunity to set the stage to consciously get into sync with a new beginning.

This is a great time to ask yourself: What would a new beginning look like for me? First, I believe you need to know what you would like the end! Then the pathway for a new beginning can emerge clearly.

When I talk to my friends and clients about this topic, there is usually a common list of things they would like to be “done with”:

Worry, anxiety, bad habits, relationship conflicts, and lack (any and all kids – financial, emotional etc.)

When it comes down to the basics of what holds these things in place (i.e. patterns that are never-ending or repeating again and again), the root is unhealed or unexpressed emotion. Emotions are very powerful and they are connected to neural pathways in the brain that keep running, and thus get more locked into place. In order to unlock these emotions, we have to deal with them head-on and heart-open. They won’t just go away by thinking about a situation because they are locked in place, in the heart, in the brain and in your subtle energy anatomy.

Unlike a project, such as painting a room, there doesn’t seem to be an “end” to patterns that are connected with our emotional-mental states.  UNLESS, we take action and implement a plan or practice a technique that is structured with a beginning, middle and end.

The process I use to consciously complete things is simple:  I featured it in my film, Sacred Journey of the Heart, and it’s Dive In, Tune In and Lighten Up.

In the film, I described the process very simply:

Dive In: This means to be willing to experience our locked-down emotional states –to choose to explore what is inside and to be responsible for transforming our inner world first  – rather than expecting our outer world to conform to our desires. This desire most often results in an outside-focus on other people, events of circumstances.  It looks like this:

  • “If only x person would change, then my life would be better.”
  • “If only I had a partner in my life, then I would be happy.”
  • “If only I could get a new job, then I would be happier.”

Diving in means that you are choosing to go to the place where we really can make change and create new outcomes- and that is into the inner feelings and emotions that run in the background and thus, are really running the show.

Tune In: This means that once you identify an emotional source of a repeating pattern, such as sadness about loss, fear of rejection, or resentment about past mistreatment, you must accept and love these feelings as well as the circumstances that are associated with them.  Instead of “tuning out” or distracting ourselves, we have to be willing to tune IN, just for a few moments. It’s amazing how much we distract ourselves in order to avoid the momentary discomfort of acknowledging what is running in the background all the time.

Once you get comfortable with this process of tuning in, it is actually a huge relief to do this. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to ignore our inner world and a huge toll physically to keep feelings stuffed inside. I am convinced that the reason heart attack is the #1 killer for both men and women today, is because of stuffed emotions.  Where do the emotions get stuffed?  Pretty much anywhere in the body, but the pressure of emotional stuffing is felt in the heart.  And at some point, the human heart can only hold so much of this pressure, calcified, that it eventually explodes into myocardial infarction.

I’m not saying this to scare anybody – I’m saying this to empower and encourage people to take care of themselves now. Because after a brief tune-in, the final step is to Lighten Up!

In the work that I do (below), the Lighten Up part is enjoyable, fun and sets a whole new foundation for a new beginning.

From Sacred Journey of the Heart film

Lighten Up! This means that after we tune into the emotional root cause of old patterns, we are literally “moving” the energy from the stuck places in our hearts, minds, bodies and subtle energies.  We actually feel lighter.  Why? Because we are creating space for authentic happiness and a deep sense of contentment. At the end of every 3 part process, we are encouraged to let go (after tuning in), and to generate a sense of inner satisfaction and/or gratitude. It is so easy to do this that sometimes we tend to poo-poo it!

Somewhere along the line, we bought the belief that healing and transformation is hard work and takes a long time. The truth is, it’s easier than we think and all it takes is the willingness to dive in and tune in.  I can guarantee, based on my experience in working with this practice, that if you take the last 9 remaining weeks of 2016 and practice this 3x a day, you WILL have an entirely new beginning in 2017!

How?? By learning a new process!

My unique, Triple Heart Healing Technique, (THHT) provides a simple, easy to learn framework that you can do anywhere and anytime! You don’t have to stop, find a quiet place to be alone or isolate yourself from the world to use this technique to move emotions and lighten up.

THT Logo triple heart

The THHT is meant to help us move through day-to-day life where things come up, where sometimes we get triggered on an old story, and where we simply go into an old habit by default.  When we start using the THHT on a regular basis when things come up, instead of defaulting to old patterns, we stay present to our feelings in the moment and make choices based on today, and we do not fall back to old patterns of the past.

One of my clients shared this with me: “When I started using the THHT in daily interactions with my family, I was able to stay focused on what was actually going on in situations. I didn’t react to stress in the same way at all. I just tuned into my heart, let the feelings move, and then did the inner smile—the bottom line is, instead of getting stressed, I stayed balanced. I really feel like I am making better decisions and improving my heart connections with my family.”

I teach the basics of the THHT in my online webinar (see links above). I’ve added a couple refinements to the process that make it even more effective and easier to remember to use every day.  I’m offering the revised webinar to share this new technique with you so you can consciously complete 2016 in a Lightened Up state! To start a new beginning in 2017 with a light-heart and a deep sense of optimism is possible for all of us.

The only requirement is the willingness to Dive-in, Tune-In and Lighten-Up!


Ronna Prince is a filmmaker,  a Certified HeartMath Coach and HeartMath Instructor and a Radical Forgiveness Coach
At the end of this article: Information and web links for my 1 hour free webinar on Creating Synchronicities form the Heart on August 25, 2016 a6 5 pm Pacific Time.

This is a question posed near the end of my documentary film, Sacred Journey of the Heart:

Gregg Braden:  “A question that comes to us again and again is how much power do we really have to influence the world? How strong is this power in the human heart?” Click here to watch film on GaiaTV

This question that Gregg asks is a fundamental one as we chose, day in and day out, how to act in the world.  If we believe that our individual choices do not really matter in the larger scheme, we miss many opportunities to be agents of change. If we begin to explore and act from the amazing, verifiable power in our hearts, we not only change our own lives, but we experience the power we have to change the world around us.


I had a heart-empowered experience the last time I was at the airport.  I am sharing this with you to demonstrate how each one of us has the capacity to change a situation of chaos into calm, callousness into caring and self-centeredness into service. This is needed now more than ever before.

If you fly the “friendly” skies a lot or even once in a while, you’ll notice how chaotic it’s become in airports. The stress level has increased tremendously with all the threats, the computer system breakdowns, with security procedures and even with the boarding process to get onto the planes.

Airports are way-stations for people in transit and they are wonderful places to observe human behavior. Being a certified hearth math instructor, the main reason I enjoy travelling as much as I do (about 75,000 miles a year), is that I know how to stay stress-free and choose to enjoy travel vs. dread it.

Airport Waiting

Not only that, but I know that using the present-moment awareness techniques of HeartMath, I can and regularly DO, successfully shift chaotic situations into calm ones.

Here’s what happened. I arrived 3 hours early to airport last week which is unusual for me but my transportation options made it necessary. I went into the airport with the intention to stay in heart-coherence, a measurable state that you consciously activate through a simple technique (taught in the film by Dr. Rolin McCraty of HeartMath). This state allows you to be in the flow, and to send a signal into the field around you that is calming.  I also have a little prayer that I say which begins, “Make me an instrument of thy peace…” also known as the St. Francis of Assisi prayer.

Because I was so early, there was a flight that was leaving before the one I was booked on. So I thought I’d go to that gate and see if I could get a seat on the earlier flight. The gate agents had just started to board first class.  There was a crowd of people, all bunched up around the boarding area and a lot of tension in the air.  You can feel the anxiety and frustration many people are steeped in during the boarding process. This feeling is a result of the actual signal that is being broadcast from many people’s hearts rhythms. The question you may ask is: Is it really possible for one person to shift this? I know that the answer is “yes”.

Image used by permission of HeartMath, LLC as part of Sacred Journey of the Heart.

Image used by permission of HeartMath, LLC as part of Sacred Journey of the Heart.

So on that day, I stood at the back of the crowd and kept radiating gratitude and calm. Then I felt a slight tap on my shoulder.  I turned and saw a beautiful young woman, about 18 years old standing next to me.  She made it known very quickly that she was deaf. Then she showed me her boarding pass that had a “Zone 4” on it. She asked me with her fingers, are they boarding Zone 1, 2, 3 or 4?

boarding pass

Knowing the ins and outs of airline travel, I motioned to her, “follow me”.  I then asked people to please step aside as I was making way for this young women to get on the plane. I knew that the gate agent would have no objection to her boarding early and getting settled into her seat. However, there was quite an outcry as we moved through the crowd of waiting people – for example: “Are you in first class?”, “Hey lady, there’s a line here” etc.

crowding the gate

I stopped for a moment and still, sending out appreciation, said, “I’m not even on this flight, I am helping this young woman who can’t hear get onto this plane. Can you imagine being in an airport and not being able to hear the announcements?”

Everything shifted. People backed up, made a little aisle for us and even started to smile.  A few people said thank you to me. And the whole energy shifted out of selfishness and the “me-first” callous attitude that can be prevalent in crowds. It changed in a few seconds to to people feeling genuinely grateful for a couple of things: that someone was helping another person, and maybe even feeling grateful for being able to hear, a sense faculty we usually take for granted.

When the young woman got to the jet bridge, she turned and gave me the heart-thanks symbol with her hands. I said thank you back to her, then ducked under the boarding-area rope, and went on my way, my heart expanding even more with gratitude that my prayer was answered and I was able to be an instrument of peace in that moment.

heart hands

I encourage you to explore the power you have inside your own heart, to learn to use it to be an instrument of positive change and to live life in ever expanding gratitude.

I will be sharing the heart-math coherence technique in my upcoming webinar

Title: Creating Synchronicities
Time: Thursday, August 25th at 5:00 PM Pacific
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
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Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
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Heart-felt blessings,

Ronna Prince

Ronna Prince is a filmmaker,  a Certified HeartMath Coach and HeartMath Instructor and a Radical Forgiveness Coach
At the end of this article: Information and web links for my 1 hour free webinar on the process I describe in this article.


A lot of people talk about synchronicity as something that just happens. Something surprising occurs out of the blue and we attribute it to a “coincidence of time”.  The definition of synchronous is:

occurring at the same time; coinciding in time; contemporaneous; simultaneous.


Hence, our tendency is to accept events that surprise us in positive ways as coincidental.  Over the years of exploring consciousness, I have come to conclude that there is very little coincidence, chance or luck involved in synchronous events. And even more so, I have the experience of being able to create synchronicities by thinking, feeling, sensing and acting in a specific way so as to consciously create them!

This activity is what people call “the secret art of manifestation”.  For me, there’s nothing secret about it. It is simply a process of knowing a few keys and the incorporating every day by practicing!

This goes way, way beyond the Law of Attraction that was brought to most of us by “The Secret”, a groundbreaking film that came out in 2006. It’s been 10 years since the film’s DVD release and my question is this: Why are people still having so many issues with creating the life that they want if the “secret” is out?



In my view, the difficulty exists because we are still trying to think the “right thoughts”  with our head. And we are still trying to solve our problems within the same construct that created them in the first place.

The true path to creating synchronicities consists of  two simple steps. I’ll share step one with you here and invite you to join me in my free online webinar on Thursday August 11 at 5 pm Pacific time to learn how to incorporate both parts of synchronistic manifesting. (webinar info below)

Step one is all about learning how to incorporate your heart’s intuition into your thinking process so that your heart is broadcasting a specific, measurable vibration. (More about this in the webinar.)  When you do this, you will start to know what it feels like to live in an open hearted way.

heart truly open

The secret then, is learning the difference between a closed heart and an open heart, and choosing to create from the latter. As we do this, we align with more empowering thoughts. We have a heightened ability to sense the world around us, even on a non-local scale, and to then tap into opportunities that we would not have noticed if our hearts were shut down.

So what does an open heart feel like?

Simple. When your heart is open:

  • You feel a sense of connection to yourself and everything around you.
  • You are happy to be alive
  • You trust the process
  • You feel free to explore new things
  • You find yourself saying, “I can do it!”
  • You stay aware of the possibilities around you
  • You listen to your intuition and follow it.

As opposed to this, when your heart is closed, you feel the need to be on guard, you mistrust things and people, you find yourself saying “I can’t because”. In this state, possibilities that are right there can’t make it through because you won’t see them.

In the open-hearted state, you will find yourself being amazed over and over again at things that appear to “just happen”.  But they didn’t! Because your heart is open, you created the groundwork, the pathway and the possibility for synchronicity!

Here’s one of my recent examples;

I decided to say no to a distribution deal on my film, Sacred Journey of the Heart, because the contract conditions were just too onerous for me to fulfill. I found myself feeling down for a few days and wondering if I had just rejected the only offer I would ever get to stream my film on a worldwide platform. I caught myself shutting down my heart in self-doubt, criticism and “I can’t do it…”

And that’s the key, I caught myself.  In the space of one breath, I opened my heart (step 1) and moved the energy of “I can’t” and all associated feelings  (step 2) out of my heart…. And then, effortlessly, I  aligned myself  with a new possibility rather than seeing this as the end of the road.

The very next day, I received an email to submit my film to GaiaTV, now “Gaia”, and literally sailed through the process of getting the film onto their platform.  I’m happy to say that the film debuted on 7-7-2016 and can now be streamed anywhere in the world with an internet connection!  Click here to go to Gaia and sign up to see the film. And it’s captioned for ease of understanding.


In one way I was amazed and surprised, and yet, in another, I saw this as a confirmation that I did my part in creating this synchronicity by choosing to follow my simple process.

If you are a seeker of simpler, more effective and enjoyable ways of living in the world, I invite you to join me in exploring this process in depth. You must obtain the password for the event to attend – email me at

Title: Creating Synchronicities
Date & Time: Thursday, August 11th at 5:00 PM Pacific

Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 339751#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
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YOU must email me for the password to this free event: Why? Because it helps me know who is interested in my work – aka, reciprocity!


by Ronna Prince 
Note: I call “dark stress”, the kind of stress that unknowingly you take on just because it’s all around you. BelowL HOW TO SHIFT IT!

You may have heard the frequent reports on the news over the last few weeks about the shortage of TSA agents at the airports and the resultant long security lines, missed flights, and in Phoenix last week, 3,000 bags that didn’t even get on airplanes at all because the bag checking machines broke down!


So this morning, I went to the airport prepared to put my own tools and techniques in to practice. I talked about some of them in my article “Laughing it Up with the TSA” but that was before the TSA shortage of 6,000 agents in the face of a predictable increase in airline travel.

air travel increase

Apparently, I really meant to test myself because two unusual things happened this morning. 1) For the first time ever, I went to the wrong side of the terminal (the D gates) and waited in the pre-check line, until it was my turn to be ID-checked, only to have the TSA agent send me to the other side of the terminal to get into the A gates line. So I had to go through waiting in line again!  And 2) I “beeped” through the security gate and got pulled over into the random security check line with 4 other people.

 We were all corralled into a corner by a mafia-looking supervisor while we waited to have our hands swabbed for explosive residue – (I wanted to say, “I promise I washed my hands before coming to the airport!” – but just like with cops, I know it’s best to keep your mouth shut and have a pleasant grin on your face.)  

While I was waiting in all of these lines, I noticed the high-level of stress swirling all around me. And I noticed also that despite my intentions, I had started to absorb the other people’s stress (OPS) around me by thinking “Group-think” nasty thoughts, and feeling stressed-out myself. I saw people grumbling, huffing big annoyed sighs, eyeball rolling and outright complaining along with some yelling. “This is ludicrous!” My own chatterbox mind was going a mile a minute, commenting internally, criticizing myself for getting in the wrong line with the wrong shoes, thinking nasty thoughts about the “TSA mafia” and judging others for their wrong behavior when there was nothing that they could do about the TSA procedures and lines.

“Hold the Phone!!”, I reminded myself! I just forgot to do what I know to do because I let dark OPS sneak up on me. I call “dark stress”, the kind of stress that you take on just because it’s all around you.  This has a real and detrimental effect on the health of our bodies, the state of our emotions and the quality of our thoughts. We all know what this feels like, and if we take on enough of it, it internalizes and leads to all kinds of health problems.

Where does this dark stress come from? It comes from the heart-signals that everyone, including ourselves, is broadcasting into the environment around us. This is not woo-woo energy stuff, but the real and measurable signals that emanate from our hearts


If we feel annoyed, angry, spiteful and worried, all of that has a frequency and that is what we send out to everyone around us. So the more we are in the middle of it, the more it can impact us so that we too, become attracted into doing, feeling and thinking the same dark OPS things!

So given the current conditions at the airport, it’s a place that we can easily be impacted/bombarded by the dark or negative emotions and thoughts of all the people around us. This applies of course, to every situation in our lives where there is stress – in family squabbles, a competitive working environment and in the impact of constant information coming at us through our electronic devices. So the question is: can we do anything about it?

As you know, the answer is we absolutely can do something simple and empowering to cancel out the impact of dark OPS. But even more, we can shift the energy around us by choosing to be a positive or light-hearted contributor in stressful places and situations.

So when I caught myself in the swirl of dark OPS, I went into my “Airport ZEN” mode. I did not detach from the situation and people around me, I stayed engaged and chose to change it.


 I shifted my focus from the outside and into the Observer Self on the inside. I sat back and observed myself watching what was going on inside my own mind as well as seeing the energies swirling around me. “Who am I?”,  I asked. I am the one observing, I am the one who sees. (Note: for those of you interested in numerology, the question, “Who Am I?” =33.  33 is called the Master Spiritual Teacher number!)

In one second, everything quieted down inside, and I remembered to focus on my heart. I remembered to let go of the outside AND the inside noise by concentrating on the subtle feeling in my heart.  And then, and only then, did I deepen into compassion. Compassion for the people around me, for myself and for the TSA.

Everything changed for me in this moment. I was happy to be exactly where I was, waiting to get my hands checked by a young, stressed out TSA agent.  Instead of resenting him, I opened my heart and sent out a big wave of gratitude. I looked directly at him heart-fully saying, “Thanks so much!” as he gave me the “all clear” signal. Yes! Indeed I was all clear and I knew that in that moment, I had contributed to a clear space around me and maybe even brightened the young TSA agent’s day.  


This little practice takes only a second or two to shift into and it completely cancels out the impact of Other People’s Stress in our own daily life. And even more importantly, when we truly open our hearts we are able share a ray of happiness and gratitude that just may help others. When we can lessen others’ stress, if only for a moment, we receive the gift of continuing on our journey with more lightness and joy inside our hearts.

Cheers to enjoying traveling the friendly skies where YOU can make a difference!

For more information on HeartMath coaching and my Triple Heart Healing Technique, please contact me at



by Ronna Prince 
I am a certified coach, HeartMath Instructor and master numerologist. See information below about my online webinar: the all-new Triple Heart Technique.

In the 6 months, since I’ve unveiled my new Triple Heart Technique, I’ve really shifted my personal habits and my coaching practice to STOP playing small and START living large!live-large

Below is a quick checklist for you to run through to see if you’re playing small and thereby experiencing “ROT-itis”. Rot-itis is defined as a practiced state of engaging in Repeating Old Themes. This condition is a slowly, simmering one that can eat-away at the foundation of your life purpose and mission. Engaging is the key verb, because to engage means “attract and occupy the attention of”.  It is a choice to engage in old patterns!

And it is always possible to start New. Below, I’ll share what my N-E-W acronym means.

But the first step to disengage is to “Spot the ROT”.

wood rot

The interesting thing about “rot” is that it usually happens under the surface and is related to water seepage that goes undetected. This is a direct analogy for what happens to us, as human beings when we don’t pay attention and take care of our emotional health and well-being. After all, most of us have had little to no education about emotions and how to effectively manage them as a key part of our lives. As an element, water is most often associated with emotions – so it doesn’t take much of  a leap to see the connection with undetected rot-itis and emotional seepage!

Once you spot the rot, the next steps flow with ease, like taking off a shoe that’s giving you a blister. You don’t have to keep wearing the shoe that doesn’t fit anymore, that rubbed you raw from too much repetition! You can take it off and put on a new shoe that you choose for lasting comfort.

Woman rubbing her feet

Pay special attention if you find yourself saying, “If it was that easy, I would have already done it!” Well, the truth is, if you responded with that comment in your head, see #2 below.

Here’ is Checklist to help you “spot the ROT” (keep track of how many of these you identify with as going on in your life):

  1. You wake up in the morning and you want to stay in bed 10 minutes more.
  2. You find yourself saying the words, “I can’t because….”
  3. You procrastinate on taking care of your daily responsibilities (i.e. making the bed, doing the dishes, laundry or picking up after yourself, paying the bills etc.)
  4. You procrastinate on the BIG stuff – (i.e. taking action to pursue your important goals)
  5. You indulge in negative self-talk in any form – (i.e. I’m too tired, fat, poor, unintelligent.. )
  6. You make excuses for not doing things –(i.e. connecting with friends, taking up that new hobby you want to do, planning your activity for the next day, week, month or year.)
  7. You get caught up in old family stories
  8. You let yourself go- (i.e. get overweight, stop working out, stop looking your best)
  9. You hesitate to make connections with “movers and shakers”, thinking they are too busy to engage with you.
  10. You settle for less.

How many of these do you do?

Here is how to score yourself:

0-2: No problem, you’re just being human and we all have a few off days.

3-4: Caution, ROT may be setting in. Take action now!

5-6: ROT is taking hold. It’s time to call in the excavators.

7+: You’ve got a serious case of ROT-itis. It’s time to learn a new skill and clear it all out!

The good news is that no matter where you are on the scale, you can easily change this by choosing to get back in charge of your life, putting yourself first and reclaiming your innate power to create your life.

I call this process establishing a “New Now”. N-E-W stands for Nurturing Emotional Well-being.  When you do this, it results in a powerful feeling of renewal, empowerment and life mastery!

Here is what it looks and feels like when you are living in the New Now:

  1. You wake up every day and are excited to get out of bed
  2. You are full of creative ideas and ideas to implement them, “I am able because….”
  3. You take care of your daily responsibilities with appreciation and gratitude
  4. You take action each day to pursue your important goals
  5. You encourage yourself by focusing on how good it feels to be making progress
  6. You find ways to do things that are important to you, and catch yourself quickly if you starting putting off the fun things in life
  7. You spot old family stories right away, and instead of engaging and energizing them, you smile on the inside (and out!) and are grateful that they no longer control you.
  8. You take care of yourself and you know that true beauty is an inside job.
  9. You reach out and feel worthy to make a connection with anyone including the  “movers and shakers”, and you realize that you too are a change-maker
  10. You go for it!

So what’s the easy way to shift into creating a New Now, free of ROT?

First, let me say that in coaching people as long as I have (12+years), it can happen that I find myself in a rut and then I have to create a way to get out of it! These are big self-teaching opportunities that can become the springboard for great new ideas. That’s exactly how I created my new Triple Heart Technique that very easily moves stuck energy and emotion out of the body, mind and spirit and creates room for new things to blossom.


THT Logo triple heart

On Saturday, April 2nd, I’m doing a video interview with Lisa Winston as part of her ongoing online summit, Life Mastery After 40. When you tune in to our talk, you will be able to see exactly how this three step works and how easy it is!

Register for Life Mastery and watch my video interview

If you’d like to go even deeper into understanding the power of this easy process and how it works, you can purchase my online webinar here.

Stay tuned for more on this new, easy technique or contact me for more information now!

By Ronna Prince, Numerologist, Aura-soma practitioner and “Master Soul Decoder”  
What is a Soul Decoder??

Today is Leap Day! Is it just an “extra” day in the calendar every 4 years, or is there something special that we can take advantage it? Below I offer 3 questions and a simple activity you can play with over the next 48 hours (and all Leap Year!) to really move your projects and goals to a higher level.

a leap year

If you’ve read my articles regularly, you’ll know that I am passionate about numerology.  My 20 years of experience with numbers has led me to agree with the ancient philosopher Pythagoras and modern-day scientist Nikolas Tesla, that numbers are the basic building blocks of our reality.

In a previous article, I outlined the numerology opportunities for the year 2016.  2016 = 2+0+16 = 18 and 1+8 =9.  This year, the vibration of 18/9 and all the variations of 9 are important. Because it’s a 9 year, there is special occurrence that happens on Leap Day in terms of numerology –a Master Number Day Happens twice in a row!

If we look at the Leap Day 2-29-2016 and the day following it, 3-1-2016, we will see something really special:

Leap Day

Leap Day

Both today, Leap Day, and tomorrow, March 1st, are “22” days.  22 in numerology is called the Master Builder, or Master Architect number.

The Master Builder frequency is all about bringing ideas into manifestation.  It represents an evolution of creating something new from the wisdom that we have already gained.  So a Leap Day of “22”, following by another “22” Master Builder Day offers us a very powerful opportunity to initiate IDEAS into ACTION!

When we consciously engage in this activity, it is like opening a big flowing stream of opportunity, rather than letting through just an occasional drip.

a water stream

When we align with the 22:22 frequencies, our intentions have the possibility of quickly manifesting!

Here are the 3 questions and 1 simple language trick that you may want to play with over the next 48 hours and continue throughout the 2016 Leap Year:

1)     What 4 things can I do to make concrete progress towards the realization of a goal or project that is important to me this year?  When you take “concrete action”, the universe responds. And “4” is the number of the concrete, material world.  So, doing 4 things directs energy and opportunities your way.  For example, if you are looking for a new job – make 4 calls, send 4 resumes, and make 4 new connections on LinkedIn or Facebook.

2)     How may I best use my life lessons, or personal wisdom, to navigate more expertly through the changes I am initiating now? In order to do this, of course, you must have a clear sense of what you’ve learned so far in life.  For example, if you have learned how listen to and trust your intuition, you may want to set aside a few minutes every day to listen to your inner voice. Instead of waiting for an urgent situation to develop, continue to cultivate this valuable skill.  Other examples of wisdom that you want to continue to access:  Authenticity, Empowerment, Discernment, Creativity etc…

3)     Initiate activities with the phrase:I can because….” For example, I can plan my next vacation, because I am going to take time off, relax and enjoy.  I can commit to a certification program in my area because I am choosing to deepen my expertise.  When you support yourself with this phrase, you are literally saying, “I CAN Be the Cause”… of creating momentum forward.  I encourage you to try this because as simple as it is, it is very powerful!

4)     How would I feel if my deepest heart’s desire came true in 2016?  Identify the feeling and lock it into your heart.  Remember that your heart is your most powerful organ in terms of the signal that it sends out all the way around you. This is not “woo-woo” but a proven fact. (If you are not yet aware of this, you can get all the scientific details by watching my film, Sacred Journey of the Heart – the science and spirit of our connection.)

2016 is a year of powerful opportunity. The new opportunities are coming at a very accelerated pace, so the more you consciously work with this special time of change, the more rewarding your results will be!

Happy Leap Day!

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Ronna Prince is a filmmaker,  a Certified HeartMath Coach and HeartMath Instructor and a Radical Forgiveness Coach

Going on now! The Fat Summit Click here to join

At the end of this article: Information and web links for my 30 minute free webinar on moving F-A-T, using my newest energy process that incorporates music, working with the body’s intelligence, and moving emotions to free us from fat!

I’m inspired by the current Fat Summit this week (January 24-31, 2016) to write more about the fat issue. In many ways fat is a “twisted issue” because of misinformation which has led to confusion. We were taught over the last two decades the “eating fat makes you fat”. This is the #1 cause for our prevailing “fear of fat”.

fat fear

I’ve got it and I still struggle with feeling ok while eating good fats.

PLUS, in English, French and probably a lot of languages, we use the same word for fat in our foods “fat” and fat that gets stored on on bodies “fat”!! This is downright crazy-making. We have the message that body fat is bad, certain food fat is good! (I just learned from Nick Ortner that the Tibetans have totally different words for body fat and food fat. We got language-deprived somehow, complicating our relationship with the “energy of fat”!)

On top of that, even though over 70% of us in America are “fat” or overweight to some degree, we still have a sense of judgment about ourselves or from others,  and even perhaps, shame about our weight.

However, I see the actors on television ads and shows more and more overweight as time goes on, reflecting what’s happening in society. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe some of both. Accepting ourselves as we are is the starting point for change, but settling for a new norm of fat-ness can and does have far-reaching health consequences. I vote for living in a body that feels good, moves well and stays vibrantly healthy as we age!

A few days ago, I shared with you that my acronym for F-A-T is Fear-Avoidance-Technique.

To flush this out, what I mean is that when we end up with excess fat on our bodies, inevitably we have been engaging in some type of of feelings-avoidance (unless we truly have a genetic-hormonal imbalance).  We have usually “gone dark”, or have been engaging in unconscious eating or drinking that imbalances our body’s set-point and signals our biochemistry to start to drive fat into our cells, to store it, and to lock in it place. (If you want to know the biology of this, Dr. David Ludwig’s talk, the Biology of Obesity is very informative.)

Further complicating this is that the foods that we typically reach for when we are in full F-A-T mode (feelings avoidance) are ones that immediately make us “feel better” but at the same time convert quickly into stored fat because we are creating an insulin imbalance in the body.  Things like chips, cookies and ice cream – those processed carbs that we know we should avoid but we eat anyway because of the pleasure factor.

The most serious health risk is that as we get fatter, we store more belly fat. Belly fat is the most dangerous fat because it makes toxins and releases chemicals called cytokines. As I understand it, cytokines are the real bad-guys of fat, because they cause inflammation and can lead to all sorts of diseases including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

I’ve enjoyed all of the information on the Fat Summit so far, but so far, none of the speakers are presenting a technique or program that deals with the feelings that led us to overeat and that also directly address to storage area of these feelings- the BELLY!

I’m excited that the new technique I developed last summer, called the Triple Heart Healing Technique, or THHT, does both of these things: with an easy-to-learn process, we address and MOVE the feelings that lead to fat by connecting physically, emotionally and spiritually to where they are stored. How long does this take? 5 minutes.

What are the side effects? Freeing up the feelings that cause us to go dark or unconscious and to then soothe ourselves by eating processed carbs! Having a specific technique to address feelings that get stored as fat in the body is an essential part of  any weight loss program.

While I haven’t used the THHT specifically with my clients to address weight, I’m starting to now. I invite you to join me on my free 30 minute webinar next Wednesday, February 3rd at 6 pm Mountain time to learn about and try out the THHT.

Title: Moving the feelings of FAT!
Date & Time: Wednesday, February 3rd at 6:00pm Mountain

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Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
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Let’s learn to shift F-A-T (feelings avoidance) to F-I-T (feelings incorporation)

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