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On 8-26-2020 I presented another webinar on one of the 12 chromatic chakras – the 6th Chakra – the Olive chakra of heart-centered leadership. If you missed it, it is rebroadcasting over this final weekend of August. Here is what I covered:

A few key 2020 numerology themes, including those centering on leadership,

Curing the virus of fear: including – the biology of fear/stress response and why it directly impacts our ability to stay in health or decline into disease, my personal experience with the virus of fear in March 2020 and how I cured myself with the 3-step A-C-T process

1 cartoon FFFThe Olive chakra – its correlation to one of our 12 organ systems, its location at the diaphragm and connection to the liver – and why the liver IS part of our immune system, and the relationship of this chakra to our “antahkarana” bridge (energy anatomy!)

The Vagus nerve – part of our nervous system that we CAN regulate, and how this nerve changes its function right at the diaphragm  and olive chakra center,

Neuro-ception – what it is and how to bring perception or awareness to this typically unconscious activity,

An analogy of the Basement to Penthouse connection of our 12 chromatic chakra system  and why you can’t “live in the penthouse if your basement has a shaky foundation!” – the MAJOR theme of 2020/22 -Master Architect year!

4 story house

Finally, we ended this event with a meditation to open and balance the olive chakra with the rest of the chromatic chakra system and connected our hearts to those in need as well as to the Olive chakra of the earth. Many participants emailed me afterwards to report their experiences during this meditation – and they all had the same theme: heart-opening and a grounded, centered feeling!

If you would like access to the webinar after September 1, 2020, please contact me for event link and password.

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For years, I have been teaching about the integrated system of 12 chromatic charkas – but I now know it was not yet time for the disregarded 5 Aquarian chakras to be fully open and activated. The year 2020 is providing us with very important energetic shifts in order to create a more heart-centered, compassionate world. In invite you to join me to move this energy forward on the personal, local and global levels.

Chromatic chakra graphicNote: Above image is copyright protected. All Rights reserved © Lisa NocoGraphics 2016

In my webinars on the 12 chromatic chakra system, I use the analogy that working with only the 7 traditional chakras is like playing with the white keys on a piano. All the accidentals, or black keys, are left out and harmonics are limited. When we open up, clear and balance the 5 “in-between” Aquarian chakras, it creates the possibility of balancing our energy field in an all new way. I call it “playing with the full symphony of our souls.”

I have realized that there is a timing for opening up disregarded energy centers in our subtle anatomy and the timing is connected to our solar system. On June 21, 2020 there is a very powerful solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer, an initiatory point of the astrology chart, indicating a new beginning. This is the window of opportunity to opening and attuning our high heart chakra – the major chakra center between the throat (blue) and the  heart (green).  The high heart chakra is turquoise and is connected to communicating from the feeling side of our being. Here are some important associations with the high heart chakra – all of which I will discuss in my upcoming webinar:

–        It is related to the thymus organ, which generates T-cells, a very important part of our immune system. We can very easily activate this energy center  (Note each of the 5 Aquarian chakras are connected to an essential immune organ/function.)

–        Why does the thymus, and high heart chakra undergo a procession of “involution” as we age? Meaning – it shrinks!

–        The high heart is the chakra center that relates to “willingness” – the willingness to see things from a new perspective, the willingness to let go of the need to be right – and ultimately, the willingness to see the bigger picture

–        The high heart is part of the “triple heart structure” that we can activate and learn very quickly how to be less reactive, calm and peaceful

–        The high heart engenders clearer, more heart centered communication, something very needed now in the midst of chaos and conflict

On Saturday June 20, 2020 I will be presenting a webinar on opening and activating the high heart chakra, the 8th chromatic chakra in our subtle anatomy. Join me to learn about this amazing chakra center, to explore ways of opening, clearing and balancing it, and how to strengthen the thymus to enhance your immune function.

Space is limited in this webinar, so if you are interested, please sign up soon! I will do my best to provide a rebroadcast, but I can’t guarantee it! To sign up, go back to my newsletter and click on the “Register now” button.


In gratitude and appreciation, a gift from me to you: Here is a self-guided process that you can practice to activate 2 very important, and little known energy-body centers (or Chakras).  Please note that I will be sharing more about this in my upcoming webinar “HeartVision 2020, Activating True Soul Purpose” on December 5th, 2019 at 4:30 pm Mountain time. See newsletter for registration link.

For the last 14 years, I have been teaching and working with the 12 chromatic chakra system located inside the physical body. This integrative, chromatic chakra system has been helpful in achieving a new way of holistic balance for our entire energetic being.

If you have followed my online webinars, you will know that I have provided evidence for the basis of the chromatic chakra system with correlations with the 12 major organ systems, 12 acupuncture meridians, 12 cranial nerves, and 12 nerve plexus bundles which enervate the endocrine (7) and immune  (5) organs.  Including the immune organs with the endocrine system is probably my most important contribution to understanding subtle anatomy.

I was especially excited in March 2018 when scientists officially announced the existence of the 12th major physical energy system called the “interstitium organ system”.  If you want to learn more, please contact me with information on the webinar I presented on “the missing link”, and how this 12th organ system completes our understanding of physical and subtle energy connections.

Here is a graphic depiction of the chromatic chakra system that I had designed to show the symmetry and color of the 12 major chakras.Chromatic chakra graphic

12 chromatic chakras, copyright Ronna Prince

What I haven’t focused on are the “hidden” but very important 0 chakra, the Earth Star and 13 charka, the Soul Star.  In my holiday offering, I am sharing with you a powerful process to ground your Earth Star chakra and to activate your Soul Star chakra, integrating all 0-13 chromatic chakras!

The Earth Star Chakra Purpose/Function:

In my experience, the purpose of the Earth Star chakra is to ground us into our physical experience. With this chakra grounded and active (functioning) in everyday life, we experience practicality in our approach, the ability to step-by-step get our work completed, and gratitude and appreciation for all of our human experiences, especially ones of a physical nature, such as exercise, being in nature and physical contact with people.

Signs of disconnect or weakness in the Earth Star chakra are: being spaced out, difficulty with directions, getting lost or losing things, having trouble appreciating the physical aspect of life, reluctance to physically connect with others and other aspects such as utopian idealism and big ideas that don’t get off the ground.

The Soul Star Chakra Purpose/Function

The purpose of the Soul Star is to actively connect our soul into our aura and physical body. When this chakra is activated, meaning we are aware of it and we connect with it in our every day lives, we know our true spiritual nature, we are aware of our soul purpose, we are connected to Divine Presence and we feel the unity with all things.

When this 13th charka is fully functioning, we have immense gratitude for every day and we see the soul essence in all people and literally in everything around us. We know, through sensing-awareness that we are truly eternal beings. We don’t get caught up in fears around death and finiteness nor do we see ourselves as separate from others.  We may even have an awareness of our soul’s history through past lives, and an ability to go beyond the past-present-future time-space continuum and enter non-linear memory, accessing future lives.

When this 13th Soul Star chakra is not activated, we tend to experience life through the limitation of our human experience. We engage in us-vs them polarities, choosing sides with right or left, masculine or feminine, and engaging in the need to be right. We may have soul-amnesia, not really remembering who we are or why we are here. We most likely will experience repeating themes in relationships where we are discounted or mistreated, and have difficulty understanding and embracing our true purpose in this lifetime.

What I typically see, is that we inherently connect to either the Earth Star or the Soul Star chakra but haven’t consciously activated and integrated both.

Why is this important? I’ve noticed that the more focus there is in the upper chakras, the less balanced the lower chakras are. And vice versa.  But when you ground and activate the 0 and 13 chakras, the whole system integrates and balances.

I invite you to play with this self-guided meditation.

Close your eyes and begin by taking 3 deep breaths, focusing on moving your diaphragm in and out extending your breath into your abdomen. See/feel/imagine the energy around your body, your aura as perfectly balanced and symmetrical:

energy aura

Next, feel/imagine that beneath your feet, about 2 to 3 feet, is a beautiful deep magenta energy center.  This is your Earth Star Chakra. With your intention, feel the soles of your feet open energetically to allow the Earth Star Chakra to move/pulsate upward through your feet, connecting to your root chakra.

This is what the energy looks like in aura-soma: Bottle #89, called Energy Rescue. This bottle is actually used to bring earth-energy into the body to restore vitality as well as to protect the physical body from harmful radiation (please note: I offer the full range of aura-soma products for sale, please contact me if you are interested in exploring!): EQ B 89

Next, imagine the earth-energy moving up the lower chromatic charkas: Red-Coral-Orange-Gold-Yellow. As you breathe in, expand your diaphragm (the olive chakra) and feel the earth energy move into the heart chakra, the solid green energy center. This process grounds the Earth Star into the physical body by connecting it to the 6 lower chromatic chakra centers, merging into the heart chakra (the 7th chromatic chakra in my system).

Next, shift your focus and attention to about 6 to 12 inches above your head. With your intention to activate or “turn on”, the Soul Star chakra above your head by feeling/imaging a beautiful spherical magenta energy shimmering above you. Feel the chakra sphere rotate, move and spin. (If you get dizzy, breathe through the diaphragm back down to the abdomen and then feel the Earth Star firmly glowing beneath your feet. Then, slowly turn your attention back to the Soul Star. This may take some patience and practice)

You may also be able to feel a silver or gold cord that connects your crown chakra (violet), at the top of your head, to your Soul Star charka (magenta).

In aura-soma, the Soul Star color energy looks like this, bottle #67, called Love from Above:

EQ B 67

The purpose of Aura-Soma Bottle #67 is “Spirituality in Action”, Love in the little things and a deep awareness of the immortality of the soul.

The final step in the meditation/visualization is to move your focus all the way up and down the 0-13 chromatic chakras and imagine that your breath moves through each chakra as if you are playing a chromatic scale.

Here is an octave frequency sweep audio on Youtube that you can use to “light up” or spin your 12 chromatic chakras. When you listen to this, just breathe normally and feel your chakras rotate as the tone moves from 220Hz to 440 Hz.

I like to listen to this 3 times in a row.  I have fun playing with different breath patterns and images as the chromatic scale goes up form one A (220) to the next A (440).

I will be sharing this as an audio meditation in my upcoming webinar, so if you would like an audio guided meditation, be sure to register! Details are in my newsletter: sign-up at:

Holiday cheer and Blessings,