Examples of Family Constellation Healings

According to my Family Constellation teacher, Marina Toledo, worldwide interest in this modality is increasing exponentially.  Here is an image from a recent session with a client of one of ways we create a Meta-Image of the family soul for healing Here is what Marina shared with me on July 2nd: “When we are born […]

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Sophie Prince: Healing Intention Setting for July 7, 2019 at 10 am Pacific time

Please consider joining in the worldwide Intention Setting to heal my daughter, Sophie Prince! In the interest of getting this information to you, I am copying the email I received from Lynne McTaggart.  To see the intentions of the week on Lynne’s website, click here: https://lynnemctaggart.com/intention-experiments/intention-of-the-week/ This has not yet been updated for July 7th. […]

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The Choice of Freedom

More snakes on the path? Or why I’m glad no one helped me…. A Path to Freedom It continues to be a gorgeous spring in the Arizona desert and I love being outside so guess what that means? More snake encounters? I had no idea that the topic of snakes would elicit so many responses […]

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Rattlesnakes on the path – 3 strategies to removing any barriers

Springtime in Arizona means much needed rain, wildflower blooms and…. Rattlesnakes coming out of hibernation to warm up in the sun. One of my favorite activities is biking in the desert at all times of year.  Each season has its challenges in the desert but the biggest one for me is encountering rattlesnakes on the […]

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Layers of Happiness

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Detoxing Buried Secrets and Hidden Loyalties

by Ronna Prince, certified coach: HeartMath, Radical Forgiveness, Family Constellations WEBINAR on this topic: February 21, 2018, 5 pm Mountain time- see STORE for details on how to join! This blog post contains a true and amazing example of how freeing this work is! Read on to discover.   I believe that we are living […]

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Your ancestral alarm clock: Turn it off – Change your destiny!

Join me for my upcoming webinar on the topic of how to turn off the “alarm clock” of your family soul that unconsciously guides the timing and recurrence of repeating familial themes. Here is a summary of what I will cover in this one-hour presentation: The Family Soul – what is it, how does it […]

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Eclipsing the Past – how to untangle from hidden family patterns

Ronna Prince is a filmmaker and coach certified in many modalities. At the end of this article, is a special offer to participate in newest, life-changing process.   We all know that we are as adults, a product of many things including the impactful influence of our family of origin. As we grow and learn […]

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My scar, my dad and the potential to heal at the deepest level

If you’ve met me in person, you may never know that I have a scar on my back. I have a scar that you most likely wouldn’t see because I don’t see it either. I don’t see it, because it’s on my back and you don’t see it because of how I, (like most of […]

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Mastering Your Energy: How your personal biofeld can contribute to a better world!

One of the most important questions we can ask is: Do I contribute or detract from situations in my life?” In other words, do I make this world a better place? In the exploration of this question and of consciousness itself, at some point, we will begin to consider the level and quality of our […]

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