Curing the Virus of Fear – Opening the Olive Chakra

On 8-26-2020 I presented another webinar on one of the 12 chromatic chakras – the 6th Chakra – the Olive chakra of heart-centered leadership. If you missed it, it is rebroadcasting over this final weekend of August. Here is what I covered: A few key 2020 numerology themes, including those centering on leadership, Curing the […]

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Opening the High Heart of Humanity – June 20, 2020 pre-solar eclipse event

For years, I have been teaching about the integrated system of 12 chromatic charkas – but I now know it was not yet time for the disregarded 5 Aquarian chakras to be fully open and activated. The year 2020 is providing us with very important energetic shifts in order to create a more heart-centered, compassionate […]

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Courage + Change = ??? in 2020

See links below to register for my 2020 free webinar and to learn about free gifts! As I’ve predicted for the last 8 years, the year 2020 is already shaping up to be a year of great revelation. 2020 is being called “The Great Awakening” or the “Turning Point” by many professionals including astrologers as […]

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2019 Holiday Gift: Your Hidden Chakras #0 and #13

In gratitude and appreciation, a gift from me to you: Here is a self-guided process that you can practice to activate 2 very important, and little known energy-body centers (or Chakras).  Please note that I will be sharing more about this in my upcoming webinar “HeartVision 2020, Activating True Soul Purpose” on December 5th, 2019 […]

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Activating True Soul Purpose – a new beginning for 2020

New Webinar on Activating True Soul Purpose Oct 3, 2019 at 4 pm Pacific time: please email me for details if you did not receive my newsletter: In the webinar, we will: Uncover your true gifts and talents Remove obstacles and blocks that prevent you from taking the Big Leap Clear the source of […]

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Examples of Family Constellation Healings

According to my Family Constellation teacher, Marina Toledo, worldwide interest in this modality is increasing exponentially.  Here is an image from a recent session with a client of one of ways we create a Meta-Image of the family soul for healing Here is what Marina shared with me on July 2nd: “When we are born […]

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Sophie Prince: Healing Intention Setting for July 7, 2019 at 10 am Pacific time

Please consider joining in the worldwide Intention Setting to heal my daughter, Sophie Prince! In the interest of getting this information to you, I am copying the email I received from Lynne McTaggart.  To see the intentions of the week on Lynne’s website, click here: This has not yet been updated for July 7th. […]

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The Choice of Freedom

More snakes on the path? Or why I’m glad no one helped me…. A Path to Freedom It continues to be a gorgeous spring in the Arizona desert and I love being outside so guess what that means? More snake encounters? I had no idea that the topic of snakes would elicit so many responses […]

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Rattlesnakes on the path – 3 strategies to removing any barriers

Springtime in Arizona means much needed rain, wildflower blooms and…. Rattlesnakes coming out of hibernation to warm up in the sun. One of my favorite activities is biking in the desert at all times of year.  Each season has its challenges in the desert but the biggest one for me is encountering rattlesnakes on the […]

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Layers of Happiness

Making lemonade out of lemons… what 2 cancer diagnoses have been teaching me. This quiet Sunday morning I had just finished the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle (one of my favorite pastimes!) and I decided to look up a recipe for vegetarian curry.  I had never made curry before but I wanted to make […]

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