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In the webinar, we will:

  • Uncover your true gifts and talents
  • Remove obstacles and blocks that prevent you from taking the Big Leap
  • Clear the source of 2 things that keep you stuck: “I can’t because” and “F-E-A-R” or what I call “familiar energy appearing repetitively”.
  • Create a clear pathway to manifesting your vision, using the tools of Quantum Manifestation, a 7 part process that draws a new reality TO you!

You haven’t heard from me in awhile, since July actually, because I’ve been letting the dust settle after a period of major upheaval and challenge. As you may recall, my 22 year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at the beginning of 2019. At that time, I was in the beginning stages of selling my home and moving to Chicago, a long-awaited plan, and then everything was turned on its head. All planning came to a halt and my entire family focused on supporting Sophie through her healing journey here in Scottsdale, AZ. It felt like a long “haboob”, the name for the dust storms that engulf our city during the monsoon months of August-September: this is a real photo!

During Aug-Sept in AZ we have dust storms called HAboobs!

During Aug-Sept in AZ we have dust storms called HAboobs!

I’m happy to report that since mid-July, she has been entirely healthy and cancer-free, with no evidence of disease, based on many tests including one called “MRD”, minimal residual disease, of which she has none! Her diagnosis came only a few months after my cancer experience in 2018 where I was successfully treated for early-stage breast cancer using a combination of allopathic and alternative medicines.

I wrote about it in a blog article called “Layers of Happiness” on March 3rd.  If you missed it, here it is:

In March 2019, we still had a long way to go on Sophie’s healing journey, but I was finally ready at that time to share my own experience and put in into the context of how it showed me the stunning accuracy of my intuition over the years of “inner knowing”.  I use my intuition with my clients in every session and my intuition is what guides my own life decisions.

My intuition told me to take some time off this summer, to reflect deeply on what this last 12 months has been all about, and then to reset, renew and redefine my purpose.

I’ve taught on a lot of subjects over the years and as I reflect on what the number one question I’m asked by my clients, it relates to what I’ve been teaching: Finding your true mission and purpose.

An important aspect of uncovering this is connecting with your true soul identity, or true soul nature. I have been facilitating this for clients over the years and I see an even more intense inner urging felt by people to do what really matters to them now and in the years ahead.

There is a general sense that something BIG is about to happen, maybe even on a global level. I’ve been talking about this in public since 2014 when I presented a channeling for a packed house at the Sedona Creative Life Center.  The venue was packed not because of me, but because of the wonderful event put on by Karen Koebnick of Stellar Productions, including Gregg Braden’s keynote presentation. My talk was called:

Heart Vision 2020:  Energizing a Clear Pathway to Transformation 2020 Envision, Create, Activate your Heart’s Wisdom.

HeartVision 2020What I’ve discovered over the years is that everyone I meet is impelled at a deep inner level, to do something that connects with their soul purpose and uses their heart intuition.  Unfortunately, we don’t learn this in school and most of us don’t learn it from our parents. What happens is that we start seeking and searching but by the time we do this, most of us have responsibilities, kids, pets, bills to pay and a career path that may not be fulfilling.

I started on this path about 15 years ago and along the way I have found complementary modalities that have helped me and many, many clients connect with their True Soul Purpose. These processes include HeartMath (for de-stressing and listening to your intuition), Loving Kindness Meditation, Soul Codes (a process I created to listen to the wisdom of your soul), Past Life Healing, 12 chromatic Chakra balancing and my latest modality: Family Constellation Healing that uncovers and detangles hidden loyalties and repeating patterns that started before you were even born! This is based on the science of epigentic inheritance. These inherited patterns can have a stranglehold on expanding into our true soul purpose. If you are not familiar with this work, you will most definitely want to attend my free webinar on October 3, 2019 to learn more!

Because connecting with true soul purpose is what most people come to me to uncover, I have created a “Clear Pathway” for this process that I am now rolling out in a structured program. The program is called “Activating True Soul Purpose”.

In this program, we will:

  • Uncover your true gifts and talents
  • Remove obstacles and blocks that prevent you from taking the Big Leap
  • Clear the source of 2 things that keep you stuck: “I can’t because” and “F-E-A-R” or what I call “familiar energy appearing repetitively”.
  • Create a clear pathway to manifesting your vision, using the tools of Quantum Manifestation, a 7 part process that draws a new reality TO you!

If this is of interest, please join me on a webinar to explore the process on Thursday, October 3rd at 4pm Pacific, 5 pm Mountain, 6 pm Central and 7 pm eastern time. In the 45 minute webinar, I will outline the program and describe the processes I use to create a clear pathway to Activating True Soul Purpose. Everyone attending the webinar will receive my intro webinar: Seeing Clearly: One Word to Life’s Purpose.

I believe that during the final 3 months of 2019 will set the stage for 2020 to be your breakthrough year!

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According to my Family Constellation teacher, Marina Toledo, worldwide interest in this modality is increasing exponentially.  Here is an image from a recent session with a client of one of ways we create a Meta-Image of the family soul for healing

2019 July FC image

Here is what Marina shared with me on July 2nd: “When we are born into a family, we get entangled at the soul level with events and people that were not talked about by our ancestors (due to too much pain, shame, guilt, etc.) and we are unconsciously loyal to the way our predecessors lived their life. Later on, these unconscious programs hold us back from doing well in life if they were not able to, so we tend to repeat their unhappy relationships, financial struggles, illnesses, limiting emotional patterns, etc.  Since I travel to facilitate in different countries, I am noticing an increasing interest in epigenetics and the effects of inherited family trauma worldwide.  Family Constellations has become the most well-known methodology to bring to light these unconscious programs in order to untangle yourself from living out the destiny of your ancestors and free yourself up to live the life you are really meant to live.”

Wow! How powerful is that? And I have been training diligently with Marina in order to bring this modality to the USA as a more effective and easy way of healing inherited dramas and traumas, otherwise called “epigenitic inheritance”.

Some of the most intriguing research over the past few years has been on the subject of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance is the transmission of information from one generation of an organism to the next that affects the traits of offspring without alteration of the primary structure of DNA —in other words, epigenetically

One study published in 2018 demonstrated that memories of environmental changes were passed down through 14 (yes -14!) generations, the largest time span ever recorded in a creature being studied. Granted, this was a study on the nematoad or roundworm, but the results provided resounding proof of the transmission of memories that impacted the physiology of future generations. Here is the article:

More about human studies from the article: “..research suggests that events in our lives can indeed affect the development of our children and perhaps even grandchildren – all without changing the DNA.

For example, studies have shown that both the children and grandchildren of women who survived the Dutch famine of 1944-45 were found to have increased glucose intolerance in adulthood.

Other researchers have found that the descendants of Holocaust survivors have lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps your body bounce back after trauma.

I am working on writing out some case studies from recent examples of healings with my clients, in the meantime, I can share this personal example:

In my own family, my youngest son was incapacitated with chronic migraines from age 14-18 unable to go to school or have a social life.  In a constellation session, we uncovered that he was carrying a “hidden loyalty” – something that happens as an inherited trauma at the unconscious level, to two of our ancestors that died of head trauma:

1) my dad’s brother, uncle Wesley, died at age 5 in 1930 by falling out of tree and hitting his head, and 2) my maternal grandmother’s brother, my great-uncle Karl who died at age 18 in 1931, by diving head-first into the shallow end of a swimming pool.

How could these two untimely deaths have impacted my son who was born 70 years AFTER these incidents in 1930 and 1931, one on each side of my family tree?

The explanation comes from the burgeoning study of “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.”  (see article above)

Thomas inherited this double-trauma memory through me, his mom, and he was unconsciously holding a loyalty to these two young men, both whom lost their lives early on to head trauma – before their adult lives even started.  After the FC session, we started to find answers for Thomas’ headaches, he began to heal, to have less frequent and less severe migraines.  He graduated from high school and headed off to college in the Fall of 2018!

I am now using tools and sacred objects with my clients to create a Meta-picture of the family soul dynamics.  The image at the top of the article shows how I have been using representatives of family members for healing. It is a fun process and it works! Stay tuned for more examples.  To contact me for an intro FC session: call 602-315-6335


by Ronna Prince, certified coach: HeartMath, Radical Forgiveness, Family Constellations
WEBINAR on this topic: February 21, 2018, 5 pm Mountain time- see STORE for details on how to join!
This blog post contains a true and amazing example of how freeing this work is! Read on to discover.
I believe that we are living in a time like no other. As we can all see, there is a movement afoot that is empowered by people from all areas of life, revealing the truth about what they have endured in silence in the past.

On the largest scale I have ever witnessed, we are holding people accountable for their actions. We are having new conversations about respect, honesty and integrity.

When I think of some of the things I tolerated in my earlier years because of how I was raised to be a good and quiet little girl, I am no longer sad. Today, I feel inspired, knowing that my daughter and my sons will not do what I did in the past: stay silent.  I started talking about what happened to me in 2009 and made a film about it that was released in 2012.

Now, at the beginning of 2018, we have an opportunity to take the conversation deeper into the actual cause of things- not just sit back and watch and say “how terrible”. The real cause of any person harming a less powerful individual, is that there is a buried secret or hidden loyalty that drives them to create pain for some reason.  No abuser ever comes out of nowhere, with no pain in their past, and just starts hurting people.  No abuse victim stays silent, unless somewhere along the line, secrets and shame were reinforced and intertwined.

I spent the year in 2017 deeply immersed in personal work and study of family constellations based on the work of Bert Hellinger.  This is NOT the same as family systems in the field of psychology! It is very different. One of the differences is that constellation work is based on the concept (and in my opinion, reality) of the family soul.

The family soul is a powerful force behind each of our lives. When we shine the light on what is buried deep within our family soul and all those that are closely connected to it, we have the capacity to free ourselves from unconscious patterns.  We can understand what is occurring in our lives in a very different way.  We free ourselves and others from blame and can truly live with clarity and integrity. This work is similar to Radical Forgiveness but we don’t use the word forgiveness in constellations. We DO however, see the bigger picture and the intertwining of all the people involved. And we are absolutely freed from resentment and blame of self and others.

a free heartDiving into this work is very similar to doing any kind of physical detox program. With this work, you can uncover and release the source of what has led to some of the most daunting challenges in your life – whether it’s relationship conflict, job related challenges, financial stress, or a nagging feeling that you are not living in alignment with your purpose.  Your true self becomes crystal clear.

Here is an example (used with permission): a client came to me intrigued by the new work I was doing. She had a nagging feeling that she was “missing something”, and underneath that was a deep feeling that her life would end without having accomplished her true purpose in the world. (This woman, by the way, is a very accomplished and conscious individual!) Even deeper than this first layer of fear, as we explored her family soul together, was a fear that she would die alone, unheard and unloved. What we discovered together, was that this very deep feeling was rooted in a real life tragedy that happened in her family. It was never fully grieved and not talked about much.

My clients father’s side was one of 4 boys in the family. The only girl, the first child of in the her father’s family, died at age 2, from a drowning accident. My client also, is the first child in her family! My client shared with me that her father’s parents were both deaf…. so no one heard their little girl’s cries for help. Out of great love, my client had embedded a hidden loyalty to her aunt, unconsciously carrying the memory of this little girl forward so that she would be included in some way, in the family soul.   My client recalled that she almost drowned in her mother’s amniotic fluid during birth and had to be in an incubator for the first weeks of her life. This is the kind of pattern we typically see in this work. Once revealed, we no longer wonder.. it is clear as day that from day 1, she was loyally connected to her aunt.

When my client saw this picture in great clarity, she had a powerful emotional and neurological release. It shifted the perspective on her life to the very core and foundation. She has been doing simple healing work to free herself of the hidden loyalty and to consciously include her aunt in her family soul with love and respect.

We worked on this issue on a special coaching avatar platform that I use.It allows us to clearly see the cast of people in the family soul – and transform the picture to a healing image during the session.

This platform can be accessed anywhere in the world so I can help you no matter where you are!

This is truly a life-changing process. I invite you to explore this work with me as your compassionate, intuitive, and loving coach.  Offers on my website:

Heartfelt Gratitude,